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and even during the day the darkness hangs heavy over the earth black clouds shade the land and people start to forget what the sun feels like against their skin

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IT NEVER STOPS RAINING AND BEING DARK…garden is eating the flamingos and I can’t save them because it’s too bloody wet…it’s always night and no spring or sun in May…don’t move to Chicago unless you’re a mole.

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the night is always hungry always searching looking inside behind and under whatever exists starving for dark energy darkness wasn’t always that way night was once beautiful and free filled with wonder and joy then humans came along and brought … Continue reading

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the darkness envelops us bringing out long forgotten instincts that urge us to hibernate the darkness is heavy dragging us toward our caves and sleep day and night become one as the sun hidden by thick DARK clouds becomes nothing … Continue reading

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dancing with the night lost in its embrace swaying to the music that only darkness makes

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A message from the moon…

You know I don’t shine, right?  I don’t have a light of my own, I borrow the light from someone else, but that’s okay because light is there for all of us, isn’t it?  I mean, you can’t stop the … Continue reading

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Summer night…

I heard the sax first     low jagged sounds crying the blues     then the darkness started moving in     chasing away the light       the closer the darkness edged in     the louder … Continue reading

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