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Never pass up an opportunity to dance…

Free illustrations of Couple

Photo:  Pixabay

a poem about passion…

grayscale photography of woman ballet shoessome people
fall in love
not with another person
but with their passion
the thing they can’t live
if you’re a dancer
you have to dance
it’s who
and what
you are
ballet shoes
become your
footwear of choice
and you move
to the beat
you’re not giving up anything
by dancing
you’re just living the thing
that’s inside you
the thing that
keeps your heart beating
it’s that way for any artist
if you can
live a passionate life
the thing you love


Photo:  Adam Littman Davis

Sometimes you just have to dance…

Free photos of Woman

Photo: Pixabay

Dance…a wee poem

Free Ballerina Sitting on the Floor Wearing Pointe Shoes Stock Photo

mangled toes
covered in pink satin
for the sake of art
pink netting
from the suffering


Photo:  Cottonbro

Turn up the music and dance…

topless man in black and white shorts

Photo:  Timothy Eberly

Perhaps they should lower the barre just a tiny bit…

Free stock photo of angel wings, baby pink, ballet

Photo:Victoria Strelka_ph

Dance…when and where you can…

Photo:  Pavlo Zaichenko

Let the dance begin…What a fabulous photograph.

Photo:  Sergey Vinogradov

Tango, the dance of love with feathers…

Common Heron, Birds, Egret, Wings, Wild



man and woman holding hands

He held out his hand.

She took it.

He pulled her to him.

She leaned into his body.

He ran his hands down her arms, his breath soft against her neck.

The music started.

Her heart sped up.

He snapped them into position.

And they began to tango.

Two bodies moving as one.

Passion unleashed.

Promises made…with no words spoken.


Photo:  Serhii Kindrat

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