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Always remember…


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If you don’t TEACH kids to HATE…they dance together. 2 pictures

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This TED Talk is so important and so very well done…it crushes gender roles that we have been forced into and shows just how much a part of dancing reinforces those vice like controlling roles…it’s great…seriously, don’t miss it…politics at it’s best…they are dance instructors

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Public Domain Dance is passion for life.

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Ballet is a tough sport. Dancers just make it look easy…

Picture from:  Pinterest We used lambswool inserts but nothing can save your feet.

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Picture from:  Pinterest They called her Scarlet and her beauty and grace were unmatched.  She was a kind and gentle beta, always gracious, always generous.  She never flaunted her beauty, in fact, she never even thought about it.  She told … Continue reading

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Helen, Bunny, Lee and Lois…

Lee and Lois are cousins.  They are going to dance to My Funny Valentine, played on the harp.  Helen and Bunny are their backup dancers.  They have fifteen minutes to perform, so they have been timing themselves and are only … Continue reading

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