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Kitchen, Cuneo Museum…and a small rant

One of the ways the family communicated with their staff.  The uniform the maids wore. See here it is again.  Women wore this costume to wait on people who were only different than they were, because they had more money. … Continue reading

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The kitchens…Cuneo Museum 4 photograhs

The room farthest away is the kitchen where the food was cooked.  The closer room was the “plating” room.  The food was passed from the first kitchen to the second through a small square door over a counter.  The doors … Continue reading

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The Ballroom, Cuneo Museum

The lattice work in the corner, is in each corner, hides the radiator.  The chandelier is Venetian glass, the ceiling hand painted.  Steam heating pipes are inlaid below the floor to thwart the cold Chicago winters.

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Cuneo Museum…the library

The windows are so fabulous, throughout the entire mansion.  Heave lead glass and believe me when I say nothing has been left to chance.  Top of the line and amazing and it was done from 1912-1914.   They have automatic … Continue reading

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See, here’s the thing…3 pictures (Cuneo museum)

Picture from Pinterest heartfeltquotes blogspot.com Up until last year, lots and lots of people were married on the beautiful grounds of the Cuneo Museum.  Last year the catholic church refused to allow marriages on the property. See the church is … Continue reading

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The Cuneo Museum…4 photographs

Deb and I went to see this place yesterday.  It was like walking into Downton Abbey but on a smaller scale.  The mansion is a Tuscan Villa.  The house (built between 1914-16) was built for Samuel Insull, the founder of … Continue reading

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