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How they met…

brown wheat field during daytime

“Are you in line?” he asked.

She looked around.  “I’m the only one here,” she said.  “I don’t think you can have a line with only one person.”

He smiled.  “Okay, then are you the start of the line?”

“I am not,” she said, stepping to the side.

“Aren’t you going into the cornfield when it’s darker?”


“Why not.

“Because I’m sane,” she said.

“As opposed to someone like me, who can hardly wait to run through that field.”

“Yes, actually.  Haven’t you ever seen any horror movies?  You’d probably walk past the open front door of a haunted house and run into the basement.”

“You mean I’m stupid, don’t you?”

“Just trying to be polite.”

“Ah.  So, what exactly do you think might be hiding in the cornfield?” he snickered.  “Monsters?”

“Mostly, boys like you.”

“Understandable, I guess.”

“Well, don’t let me stop you,” she said, waving her hand toward the entrance.   It should be dark any second.”

He grinned, and bounced on the balls of his feet, ready to go.  “What do you think I should be afraid of, when I’m in there?” he asked.

“Girls like me,” she said, smiling, as her fangs dropped.  “Definitely, girls like me.”


Photo:  Bence Halmosi

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