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Kids, Life, Saints, Conversations, Sewing and Hamsters

“Kim said her grandmother is a saint.  What’s a saint?”

“Short version is that a bunch of catholic men get together and vote a person to sainthood.  They believe the people they vote on were special. Then some guy is called a saint. There are a few women saints but the one I know about was anorexic and starved to death.  While she was starving, she hallucinated and the men thought she was having visions, so when she died, they made her a saint.  It doesn’t make any sense because no one is a saint, no matter what they do, or how many men vote for him.  Everyone is just a regular person but some people think they’re special and label themselves so that others might think they’re special too.   You can’t ever give people like that any attention because it just feeds their egos and that’s always a bad thing.  Saints are all dead but still, they were regular men and a couple women when they were alive, no matter what kind of costume they wore.  The woman saint was sick but the men didn’t care because they just like to believe in visions and things, it doesn’t matter if what they believe is true.  They talked about how she weighed nothing and that’s what you weigh when you starve to death.”

“I’m sorry I asked but Kim’s grandmother is alive.”

“Her grandmother isn’t really a saint she just does nice things.  You just have to remember that we are all just human beings.  The labels and costumes are for show but no titles or labels can change the fact that we are all the homo sapiens.”

“Homo safety pins?”

“Close enough.  Just means humans.  Take off the costumes and you wouldn’t know who you were passing on the street.  THAT’S why they wear them…to get noticed and to get attention.  Never think anyone is special except for the person you love and your kids, if you have any.  It goes without saying and you should always treat all animals as if they’re special because they are.  They never lie or put on airs.  They just are.”

“Are you sure we can’t move to the woods, or live on top of a mountain somewhere?”

“Positive.  The mountain is worse than the woods.  Well, not really.  We would die either way.  I guess we could eat berries in the woods, if we knew which one’s weren’t poisonous.  How would we get bread?  What about antibiotics and dentists.  What if I needed new contact lenses?”

“All good points and we would die of boredom.  If we died of starvation would that make us saints?”

“No, the guys in the catholic church have to vote on that and they wouldn’t like us at all.”

“I talked to dad again.”


“It wasn’t much better.”

“Do you remember when you started to walk?  The first time you took a step, then another one?”


“It will be a lot like that and pretty soon you’ll be on the other side of puberty and you won’t remember a lot of it because you’ll have new interests.”

“What kind of interests?”

“You used to like to play peek-a-boo and then you didn’t.  It’s like that.  Things just change.  What we like to do one day, we don’t like to do the next.  No one your age carries a stuffed animal, or a blanket, around with him, right?  All of you outgrew that need, or stage of development.  Other things will get your attention, as you grow up,  and it will be like that until you die.  Cars, girls, hanging out, and a lot of other stuff will become the center of your life, when you’re a teenager.  You’ll want to stay out later and try things that aren’t good for you.”

“Other houses aren’t like ours?”

“I like cedar siding.  So does the woodpecker, unfortunately.”

“Not the way the house looks.  I mean us.  You don’t make me do homework, I can have all the cookies and cake I want and we talk about things.”


“I feel like I know a lot of stuff.  Uh, stuff that makes me bigger, I guess.  I feel older, or wider maybe.  When I talk to the other kids about some of the things we talk about, they just stare at me and have no idea what I’m saying.”


“I’m happy that I know about a lot of things.”

“Oh good. I’m happy about that too.”

“They don’t talk about string theory either, or black holes.”


“Black holes eat everything.”

“I know, it’s so cool.  Just think of them in every galaxy, asleep, or awake, just waiting for something to cross their Even Horizon.”

“Do you know how to sew?”


“I was just wondering.”

“I do not.”

“Is mending, sewing?”

“I guess it depends on what your mending, why?”

“Can you mend?”


“What can you do?”

“Everything else.”



“Can I get a hamster?”


“One of the kids hamster’s just had babies.”

“Hamsters are lovely but why do you want one?”

“I don’t.”

“Think about it.  It will take up a lot of your time.”

“That’s true.”

“Your call.”

“Thanks.  I’m going to grab some cookies and finish my paper.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too.”

“Go ask your dad if he knows how to sew!”


Kids, Life, Moms and Conversations…

“The news is DEAD.”

“It is?”

“Yes.  It’s all propaganda and manipulation.  All media is owned by a couple of companies and the government.  They show us what they want us to see and nothing more.  They do not show us what’s real or what’s actually happening.  They lie at every turn and if people stopped watching, they wouldn’t have anyone to lie to.  And a German company, that backed Hitler during the war, has control of global publishing.”

“Tell me again why you had me.”

“I know, Baby, I’m sorry about the things I tell you.  I just want you to be informed and safe.  But no one is safe.  Not really.”

“Great.  Now I feel a lot better.  I’m a kid you know.  Maybe you shouldn’t talk to me about these things.”

“Then how will you know about them?”

“I don’t WANT to know about them.  Those things are scary.  Contrails, fluoride in our water and toothpaste, GMOs and all the rest.  It’s horrible.”

“Okay, I won’t tell you stuff anymore, even though it will be hard because I want you to be informed.”

“I’m too young to be that informed.  I know more than everyone in my class about the bad things.  I usually know more than my teacher.”

“So you don’t want to hear about the moon ringing for over an hour when something hit it?”



“What does that mean?”

“That it’s hollow or full of hollow spots.  And it shouldn’t even be where it is because in spite of several theories, it’s impossible for the moon to be exactly in the spot it’s in and it’s impossible to have the orbit that it has.  It was put there.”

“What am I supposed to do with that information?”

“I’m not sure but now you know.”

“Maybe I’ll become an astronomer.”

“Sounds like a plan.  But what about being a lawyer?”

“I don’t think I want to be one anymore.”

“Where did you send all the books you collected for the kids who didn’t have any?”

“There were so many they went to several places.  Some here, some to other countries.  And, best of all, the librarians from all over are going to save children’s books and give them to us so we can keep sending.”

“Excellent.  See, if you didn’t know about kids not having books you couldn’t have done anything to help them.”

“How can I stop the German publishers?”

“Maybe we can find out what names they go under and what they publish and boycott everything they publish, including magazines and and everything else.”

“Sometimes what goes on in your head makes me tired.  There’s always so much to do.”

“I know, right?”

“How can you stand it?”

“I guess I don’t know how to think any other way.”

“Am I going to be like you ?”

“I doubt it.  And I’ll only tell you fun things from now on.”

“Like what?”

“Uh….  I saw a black and white cat today.”

“That’s it?  Seriously, that’s all you can say that’s fun?”

“Give me a minute.”

“How do you even stay awake?”

“Spring is coming and we can keep all the windows open.”

“Nothing BIGGER than that?”



“Sorry, Baby.  I’ve got nothing.  Everything else seems so tiny and unimportant.  You could have picked someone else to be your mother but since you didn’t, I guess there’s a reason that you’re mine. ”

“What’s the reason?”

“To be determined.”

“Do you ever stop fighting things?  Like in your dreams?”

“Not sure about the dreams but no for everything else.”

“How did you get this way?”

“I woke up.”

“What if I can never think of any fun things either?”

“Tell me something fun.”

“Al brought her Alice in Wonderland book to school and set it on fire at recess.  The teacher called the fire department but the book was out by the time they showed up.  Al said that it was her way of showing contempt for being named after a stupid fictional  character.  She has a month’s worth of detentions and her parents have to talk to the principal.  Sandra offered to mediate her sentence with the principal and try and get the number of detentions reduced and Al hired her.”

“That was fun?”

“We got to see a fire and a fire truck.”

“Excellent. See, you can still find fun things.”

“Would that be fun to you?”

“I’m too old for that to be fun.”

“So fun changes as you age?”


“I never thought about that.”

“I do have something fun.”


“We’re having grilled cheese sandwiches with tomatoes and dark chocolate, strawberry sorbet bars afterward.”

“That is fun and what about applesauce and potato chips?”


“Ya, know, it’s okay if you tell me stuff.”

“No, Baby, it’s not.”

“I kind of like it.”

“That’s because I conditioned you to like it without knowing I was doing that.”

“Aren’t we all conditioned by everything that happens to us?  Gary ate something that made him sick and he said he’s never eating it again.  Isn’t that conditioning?”

“You’re a pretty smart kid.”

“I’ve got a pretty smart mom.”

“Love you, Baby.”

“Love you too.”







Okay, so…

Deb and I went out today.  We were in a store, talking to the two people who worked there…both Clinton supporters.  One of them said, “My sister voted for trump.”  She said she didn’t understand it, it made her feel bad.   When she asked her sister why she voted for him, she said, “Because he’ll get me more hours at work.”  She also said that some boys she knew voted for him for fun and to be funny.  She said that she has seen messages on Twitter and Facebook where men are saying they are going to grope and grab women because if the president can do it, why can’t they.

I told her that I was going to work in the store so, she could leave and I would take care of everything.  She just looked at me.  I said, “You would probably want to train me first, right?”  She said she would, of course, so I said, “If I can’t work in this tiny shop without training how can a man be president of the this entire country with no training AT ALL?”  We all just stood there looking at each other.  Think about it.

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