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Okay, so…

I’ve noticed that today, in the era of GOOGLE and all the answers we will ever need and more, that when you ask someone a question, they don’t think, they don’t answer, they immediately LOOK IT UP.  Then they read … Continue reading

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The conversation…

She hit the ground with a loud thump.  She lay there a moment and then lifted her head.  “Rats.” “I’m telling you AGAIN,” he yelled.  Humans cannot FLY.” “You don’t KNOW THAT,” she said, rolling over. “Yes.  Yes, I DO … Continue reading

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Girlfriends…a short conversation…

“Why do you think men don’t like women?” “They want dogs and we’re cats.” “Ah.”    

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“Did you jut go out and get the paper, then drop it at his feet?” “You saw me do it, so yes.  It made him happy and he rubbed my ears and smiled at me.” “Pathetic,” said the cat, rolling … Continue reading

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The Conversation…

And so it goes…”What did the sparrows win?”  The chicklets like everyone to be included.

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