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To me…the prettiest things are when different colors come together…and make beauty.


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Why did we decide to call misery, sadness, and feeling melancholy, the blues?  We all know what ‘having the blues,” means.  We listen to ‘the blues,’ the music wailing out the downbeat side of life, through saxophones and low throaty voices, that tell us all about loss, cheating lovers, broken hearts, and broken fences.

Why BLUE?  With all the colors available, why did someone, somewhere, say, “I’ve got the blues, baby, so move aside?”  Red, has too much heat, yellow, too much sun.  White is far too sterile.  Green is way too grassy and black, too hopeless.

But what about gray?  Cloudy days, fog, mist, blandness, middle of the road, boring?  Gray is the perfect color to describe the BLUES. Blue is skyward, happy, beautiful, full of joy.  Gray just lays there, like cement, in the middle of the street, sighing, as cars roll over it.  Gray has no energy, it just is.  It’s a great accent color, but it’s the blues in real time.

“I got the grays, baby,” might make you think of aliens, with small bodies and big heads, but it’s a far better description of bleeding out from a broken heart.  Gray is no mans land, a place that exists in the ‘in between,’ while blue means the sun might be out.  Gray is thick, depressing, cloud cover that NEVER moves.  Gray goes perfectly with Nina Simone dropping her words into our lives, one at a time, telling us about her grief and the bad things in life.

Hey, all I’m sayin’, is that gray is the real color for the blues.


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