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What would it be like…

to live among the clouds?  To have a boat outside the door, ready to take us where we wanted to go.  Riding the soft waves of mist, flying through the air.  Sunrise and sunset…would be amazing.  A dream world of … Continue reading

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They finished my fence just before dark last night…2 pictures

I was so worried about Emily.  She came in the yard after they left and was freaking out.  She was terrified and wouldn’t eat.  I put her food down and went in the house.  I saw her come back later.  … Continue reading

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Pixabay I think we should be able to stand on clouds and look over the edge to see where the light is coming from.  Clouds are HEAVY, they weigh TONS, and standing on them only makes sense.  I’ve always loved … Continue reading

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Tippy,Caddy and Blip

Picture from:  Pinterest “What do you think it is?” asked Caddy, looking skyward. “I don’t know but it keeps moving,” said Tippy. “How does it do that?” asked Blip. “I don’t know that either but my mom said it’s a … Continue reading

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