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Fog, mist, clouds and secrets…

close up photo of green leaf trees on forestSome people think that fog, or mist, is just a cloud laying down on the ground.  Maybe that’s true.  Maybe clouds get tired, or maybe they get too heavy.  It has nothing to do with saturation or physics, it’s kind of up to the cloud.

It’s like thunder, in a way.  A lot of  people believe that thunder is an atmospheric weather condition, but the truth is…thunder is just the old gods getting together for a night of bowling.  You know that, right?  Nothing to be afraid of.  The thunder is all simply part of the game.

Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know that some clouds are willing to work with nature on earth.  When they lay down among the trees, it’s so that some animals can have more freedom, and because when hidden by a cloud, the trees can dance without being noticed.

Secret things happen in a forest when a cloud settles over it.  It’s also good for the plants and wee folk/one’s who live there.  But there are so many things that are unknown to us, and fog, mist and resting clouds, know a lot of things that we don’t.


Photo:  Frances Gunn

What would it be like…

Man, Window, Clouds, Dreams, View, Dream

to live among the clouds?  To have a boat outside the door, ready to take us where we wanted to go.  Riding the soft waves of mist, flying through the air.  Sunrise and sunset…would be amazing.  A dream world of soft colors and storms.

They finished my fence just before dark last night…2 pictures

I was so worried about Emily.  She came in the yard after they left and was freaking out.  She was terrified and wouldn’t eat.  I put her food down and went in the house.  I saw her come back later.  I left her alone.  When I went out at midnight, she was completely normal and wanted pets, ate all her food, and had been sleeping in her house.  Relief.  She was fine this morning.

This is my new flamingo flag.  I love it.  I’m doing flamingos in the yard and was out there at eight this morning (didn’t want to wake the neighborhood up by going out any earlier) decorating.

The fence people were fabulous.  I gave them unhealthy treats everyday and healthy water. I left my door open so they could come in when they wanted to.  Great people.  They said mine was a tough job.  It was.  They had three guys yesterday, instead of two because they were a day behind because of the GIGANTIC roots from my HUGE trees.  They had to do ALL the post holes by hand because of roots and wires.  I felt so bad for them.  They couldn’t use the machines.  Anyway, it’s done.  My flag is up, even though the poll is way too long for my liking.  I have to make it a bit shorter but I couldn’t wait.   One of the guys hung up the holder for me.  🙂

I absolutely LOVE my fence.  I had them go behind the trees, so all the trees that were behind the fence are now inside.  My vines are gone, and that looks weird, but I kind of like it and will keep it that way.  I had board on board last time, but this is so much nicer.  When they left he said that they are SO booked.  The phone never stops ringing, so many jobs.  I told him that was why I called a month ago, so I could be one of the first on the list, and that way enjoy the fence all summer.  I’m so happy I did that.  He said if I called now he didn’t know when they could get to me.

It rained off and on today but I was out there early, playing, putting flamingos up, and moving things around, because I’m so excited.  I never did outgrow being excited about things.  Maybe it’s just a personality trait and not just something from childhood.  I love surprises and presents (given and received) and new fences, my cat and my kids being happy, and having flamingos in my yard, even if they are plastic.

Everything wears off eventually and I want to be happy with my fence before that happens.  I think the fence is happy too.  Really, fences can be happy.  Everything can be happy, don’t you think?  We just think we need a brain and lungs to be happy but I think there are different kinds of happiness so, I’m sticking with that.

My cloud mobile.



I think we should be able to stand on clouds and look over the edge to see where the light is coming from.  Clouds are HEAVY, they weigh TONS, and standing on them only makes sense.  I’ve always loved fog.  As a child, I understood that fog meant that a cloud was laying on top of my entire neighborhood and I could play in it.  That’s when I found out that standing on one was impossible, at least for humans, who proved to be too heavy.  But nothing on earth was light enough to rest on top of a cloud, not even a feather.  Sadly, I had to give up on that dream, even though it whispers to me still.

Science can explain the above picture but I don’t want to hear it.  I want to believe that a huge party is taking place and amazing sax players are jammin’ away, while people are dancing and having a fantastic time.  The lights from the cafe, or bar, are lighting up the clouds, letting anyone who sees them enjoy the festivities.  We can make up anything we like.  I mean, we make up our entire lives.  I don’t have to think about condensation, the collision of molecules, the temperatures.  I can think party and no one can stop me.

Maybe when I’m dead, I’ll be able to float with a cloud, the crows by my side.  Even if I’m just a blip, or spark, or dot, too invisible to ever see, even with a microscope, I might be able to do it.  Maybe I’ll be invited to the party taking place, in the clouds, who knows?  A party where crows are flapping around, cats are lounging on tables, laps and floors, where happy people are lost lost in the moment, bliss flowing from them in waves.

That’s what these clouds makes me think about.  I suppose there could be a raging fire on the beach.  Bongos, keeping the beat, people dancing in the sand, the ocean, slamming against the shore, leaving treasures that I can pick up on my way home.  Sounds a lot like earth, doesn’t it?  Still, the clouds are telling me their stories and I’m just paying attention to what they’re saying.   Sax, drums, dancing, joy, bliss, clouds.  Who could ask for more than that?

Tippy,Caddy and Blip


Picture from:  Pinterest

“What do you think it is?” asked Caddy, looking skyward.

“I don’t know but it keeps moving,” said Tippy.

“How does it do that?” asked Blip.

“I don’t know that either but my mom said it’s a cloud,” mumbled Tippy.

“A cloud?” asked Blip.

“That’s what she said,” said Tippy.

“What does a cloud mean?” asked Caddy.

“No idea,” said Tippy.

“Do you want to see if the fishing boats are in?” asked  Caddy.

And the three kittens ambled off, thinking about clouds, fish and maybe even naps, just like kittens everywhere.



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