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A Turkey for Thanksgiving…

A TURKEY FOR THANKSGIVING… Posted on August 30, 2016by hitandrun1964 Best Thanksgiving book for children.  Teaches compassion, kindness and understanding.  It you need a gift for a child, consider this wonderful book.  (reblog)

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From Candy…

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Think about it…

Think incest victim, a girl raped and impregnated by her own father.  She has an illegal abortion and lives.  She’s caught by the government and sent to prison for life. NOTHING HAPPENS TO THE FATHER. THAT’S WHAT THE UGLY WHITE, … Continue reading

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Choices…3 pictures

What kind of future lies ahead for children? This? or this… It’s up to us to stop the insane men in power from killing kids, isn’t it? All pictures from: Pixabay

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The Fairy Queen…

Pixabay Prawny The Fairy Queen on her daily walk.

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And we wonder why…

Picture from: Pixabay

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genetics is exactly like the lotto and we play with every child that’s born

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Teaching children…

Source: Pinterest

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The truth is…

when men   the physically strongest and most politically powerful   systematically hunt beat torture and kill those who are physically weaker those hold no seats of power   women children animals and the earth itself   we can no … Continue reading

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Artist Trading Card/ATC

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