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The Chickmas tree…wishes below

have yourself
a very merry Chickmas
with love
from those at
The Coop
please don’t eat
or birds
or fish
or any other
living beings
or unicorns either
thank you

Chickmas tree practice for the final act at the Chickmas Party…


The tumblers volunteered to be the Chickmas tree, in case someone fell off.  It that happened the chicklet could just somersault forward and be okay.  They have been practicing falling all week long.  This is their first tree practice, which seems to be going amazingly well.

The chicklets are decorating the tree in the staging area. There are three more chicklets IN the tree but they were too busy to make themselves known

The chicklets said they will be finished with the tree today.  They have candy canes and tinsel to add, plus an odd assortment of ornaments, most of which are wing and beak made.  This is the tree that will be on the stage for the party on Chickmas Eve.

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