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Working hard on the Valentine’s Day Party…



Work on the Valentine’s Day card box has begun…

The Valentine's Day box

The Library Committee has opened its bookstall…there’s a large selection, so there should be something for everyone.

The chicklets, and their guests, love to read.  The Library  Committee has opened their bookstall, so everyone can stop by and take a book to read before bedtime…or when they aren’t busy.  The Committee adds books throughout the day, so there’s always enough for those who care to stop by..


Beth has arrived at The Coop, and while she’s not reading until the party, the chicklets are starting to follow her around. I have a feeling they will get her to read a story or two, before the big day.

Holly has also arrived early. She’s getting the treat booth ready. Midge is helping her.

Holly is much taller than the artist drew her.  She is tall, beautiful, and not eleven years old, the way this picture seems to have portrayed her. The artist (that’s me) apologizes profusely. Resa makes us look gorgeous. I make everyone look little and very unlike themselves.  Again, I do apologize to beautiful Holly.

Holly has kindly brought her famous corn bread, along with new and exciting surprises.  The chicklets can’t wait to start nibbling.  The kitchen crew is so delighted to have her for an entire week.  They can’t wait to see what she will make for them.

Midge has been assigned as Holly’s aide.  She’s her go-for, and will get Holly anything she needs or wants.  Everyone put their name in a hat and the winner was chosen that way, since everyone wanted to work with her.


The chicklets are testing one of the other rides for the Valentine’s Day Party…

According to the new rule, two chicklets have to be on the food display committee at the same time, in order to stop each other from eating all the food…

However, the rule doesn’t seem to work.  Susan was unable to stop Prickles from eating the cookies that Melanie made.  The Jammy Hearts were gone before anyone else had any.  Prickles was very sorry but admitted that the cookies were so delicious, he just couldn’t stop from having…one more.  Susan did her best to stop him, and even pecked at his wing, but he ignored her pecks and ate all of them.  He didn’t feel so good afterward, but he said he wasn’t unhappy.

The Cookie Booth was being set up for an after Story Time treat.

The hens were not pleased and are trying to recreate Melanie’s cookies.  But Melanie bakes by instinct, so they are having a bit of a problem.  They decided to simply make sugar cookies and put jam in the center.  Everyone will be happy with those.



The chicklets tried out their new HEART DROP PLANE, which will fly over everyone at the end of the Valentine’s Day show. It’s working perfectly.

The all girl trio was practicing early this morning. They sound great and are doing two songs at the Valentine’s Day party.

The Girl Group is chirping LEADER OF THE PACK, they love Bette Middler.  Bobby is going to rev his motorcycle behind them at the appropriate moments.  They will then peep, CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE, by Queen.

I listened to them rehearse and I think they are going to be a big hit.  Their routine includes choreographed wing flapping, which definitely adds an air of excitement.

Valentine’s Day practice continues…

Fae is going to be the emcee for the show.  This morning, she was standing on stage, in front of the empty barn, practicing her opening lines.  Two of the Stage Craft chicklets said she was wonderful.

Because of the weather forecast, some of the guests will be arriving early, so the Housekeeping Committee is exceptionally busy.  All in all, they are on top of things and there are hearts popping up everywhere.

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