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Tuesday, floated above the audience singing songs about animals and library books (she works in the library). She wrote some of the songs herself and they were excellent. It was an unusual act and the audience appreciated her spirit.

Next up, the TRIPLE THREAT, a girl singing group.

The girls did a fantastic job, singing Rock & Roll love songs to the crowd.  Everyone was tapping, or pounding, out the beat and singing along.  The Triple Threat loves singing on stage during the Valentine’s Day party, because they get to throw candy at the audience when their routine is over.  They are loved by the audience, who often calls out the names of songs to be sung.

Bunny, a young chicklet is on stage. She is going to tell the audience the story of life in an egg.

“Hello. My name is Bunny and I am a chicklet.  I live at The Coop with all the other chicklets, birds, reptiles, and animals.   But an egg, like the one you see before you, was my very first home.  I know that to be true for all chicklets.  We all lived in eggs before we turned into what we are today.  At first our egg home are big enough to hold us, but after awhile, they become tighter. A lot tighter.  Too tight for us to stay inside them.

In the beginning, when my own egg first appeared, my mother would sit on me, to keep me dry, warm and safe.  When she had to work in the hospital, she’s a doctor, you know, the Warming Bunnies would take over and huddle around me, to make sure I was okay.  I probably heard them, or felt them, but I don’t really remember.  I guess I was asleep most of the time.

Anyway, I owe a lot to the Bunnies.  My mom said that all of us do.  So thank you Warming Bunnies for taking good care of all of us.

(a loud roar of appreciation)

Chicklets don’t have teeth.  We don’t need them.  But before we come out of our egg homes, we have an egg tooth, which helps us peck our way out of our shells.  The tooth falls off, within hours and our beaks are then perfect, like the rest of us.

Chicklets are weak in their first moments, but we quickly grow stronger.  The point is, the egg is a perfect delivery system.  I learned that in physics class.  The egg is a world unto itself.  Other beings are born in eggs as well, but they will have to tell their own story.

Oh, one more thing.  My real name is Raven. I call myself Bunny in honor of the Warming Bunnies who don’t get enough credit for all they do for us.  The Warming Bunnies don’t just take care of chicklets.  They take care of everyone…those who are hurt, or sick, or those who are afraid.  The Bunnies make our lives better, every single day.  I LOVE YOU BUNNIES!






The Honey Bees are flying in formation, practicing their routine for the Valentine’s Day entertainment.


Chicklet Skip, is ready to wow the audience, during the early opening of the gala even on stage, with his leap to the pillow. He has been practicing for weeks, but now that the time has come, he’s a bit hesitant, since the leap, so to speak, seems a lot higher than it did in his nest room. It’s his first time on stage, and everyone is quite, giving him time to think, waiting for the big jump.


Resa arrived at The Coop early, so she could set things up. The chicklets are delighted to have her with them for so long. The Sewing Club is especially thrilled, since she shows them how to make things, whenever she visits.

Rosebud is in charge of making sure the housekeeping chores are done properly.

She and her crew are there to make sure their guests are comfortable.  Sheets, blankets, bales of hay, and special things for the barns and large guests, were all taken into consideration.  The guinea pigs have a special home of their own, built by the Stage Crew.  Several of them have already moved in and are helping the chicklets with party arrangements.  Water buckets, towels and, of course flowers and plants will be in all the rooms, so everything will be beautiful.

Lots of guests are arriving.  They all pitch in, and the roosters are already having strategy meetings, with regard to factory farms that have to be taken down.  The parties at The Coop are always about more than fun and games.  Serious business takes place and animals, who nee to be rescued, will be.


Bernard came out of retirement and said he would do his SINGING IN THE RAIN routine at the Valentine’s Day Party…everyone is very excited.


The valentine’s Day Party is coming along nicely…

Jack…the poet

A few members of the Ballet class, thought Jack’s words would be more interesting if they danced while he chirped.

Here’s his poem:

by Jack

chicklets love to dance
and flap their wings
moving to the beat
of the music
and nature
they chirp and peep
and enjoy ruffling
their feathers
as they spin and twirl
dancing is fun
it makes everyone happy
dance as often as you can
you’ll see
it will make you happy too

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