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I told the chicklets that some people were sorry they didn’t get to see the Poetry Slam, so some of the Poetry Club members, came back to do a second show.

by chicklet Eddie

Love is a funny thing
it seems normal
it’s the way I feel about everyone
and everything
it makes me happy
and then it makes me want to eat
ice cream

Valentine’s Day
by Hedgehog Bruce

Today is a special day
it’s all about hearts
and love
which is what The Coop
is all about
most don’t know what love is
but hedgehogs know all about it
we are small
but filled with love
yet others don’t always think we are worth loving
in this place
love is all that is

by chicklet Pepper

Today is all about hearts
we all have one
all of us
but some don’t know what their heart
is for
they don’t know how to use it
and that is a sad thing
but love doesn’t live in our hearts
it lives in our minds
that’s what needs to be changed
if we want love to be everywhere

by chicklet Cricket

some say you can wear your heart on your sleeve
but I’ve never seen that
I bet it would hurt and it makes me wonder
how anyone would protect it
but love is really all about doing nice things
it’s about coloring pictures for someone
or chirping a song
it’s about chocolate chip cornbread
and parties
where everyone is welcome
it’s about seeing the good in things
but mostly it’s about coloring


Nurse Dee Dee, and Tom, one of the Warming Bunnies, brought some of the baby chicklets, and an egg, on stage so they could get used to being in front of an audience. The babies just sat there and looked around. The egg didn’t do anything at all, but it was a beginning.


The sun’s going down and the entertainment has begun. The acrobatic act, the Bouncing Chicklets are up first. They bounce and twirl, drawing gasps from the audience at their agility and daring. They are bouncing to Aerosmith’s, BOUNCE THIS WAY (they may have changed the wording a bit).

We are doing the fashion show early…Resa’s Grand Valentine’s Day Fashion Show…4 pictures


The show opens with Dale wearing a pink chiffon full length gown, tied at the neck, accented by a one-of-a-kind purple sash, covered with multi-colored hearts.  Her bracelet, made of hearts, is a tribute to this wonderful day.  Elegant, but sassy, she struts down the catwalk, throwing paper hearts into the delighted crowd.

Holly’s wearing a sleek, formfitting, gray, strapless satin sheath with a billowing heart bottom,  is destined to catch everyone’s attention, wherever she goes.  All eyes are on her as she tosses her long hair and  dances her way to the center stage, throwing candy hearts to the audience.  She too, is wearing a heart bracelet to remind everyone that love is in the air.



After a quick change, Holly is back, wearing  a one shouldered pink form hugging gown with a flared bottom.  Part way down her gorgeous gown, is a blood red heart that draws all attention her way.  With a  matching heart as a crown, she makes quite a statement. Her red pumps and gold bracelet, just add to her beauty.  A Goddess on the runway, Holly steals hearts and never gives them back.

Dale is back in a pink, silk, strapless floor length gown, with red hearts at the hem.  Her one glove is embroidered in red and her bare arm is encircled with a beautiful wrist to shoulder bracelet covered with hearts, that match a single heart drop at her throat.  She flirts with the audience as the hearts on her hem sway back and forth when she walks.

Last, is Gigi,  in a stunning pale blush and white strapless, body hugging gown that tapers into a  slight bouffant, breezy bottom.  On her wrist is a chain of hearts that falls from hip to hem.  She holds a heart in each hand, making sure everyone knows this day is all about love.   As she moves around the stage she tosses the hearts into the crowd, then throws kisses to those watching the show.


And that is the end of another wonderful FASHION SHOW by the FABULOUS RESA!  All designs belong to Resa, gowns and jewelry, as well.

We are all so grateful to her for always taking time to design her beautiful gowns for every party.  She is a Master Seamstress and teaches the chicklets special sewing techniques to help them make better clothing and costumes.  She is well loved by those at The Coop and they are grateful for her help.

A big thank you to Art  Gown models Holly and Dale, as well.  It wouldn’t be a Fashion Show without them.

Many pees and chirps, to all who made this Fashion Show a great success.  Peep.


The Garden Committee is finished decorating the Party Barn and everyone thinks they did a fabulous job.

Beth’s Story hour sign is in place, but it’s too early for everyone to line up, so the older chicklets have to shoo away the babies who sit in line because they are so excited. Beth’s chair is in place and sometimes she surprises the chicklets and sneaks in an extra story or two. She’s going to be reading, CHICKEN BIG, this time and that’s very exciting. 2 pictures


The Sewing Committee (they help make the costumes as well) is giving classes on stitching. Buttercup is in charge of today’s class. Resa is also teaching today and everyone is looking forward to learning new stitches. And there is surprise for Resa. The chicklets have made a new dress for her. It took them a long time but they are giving it to her after class. 2 pictures


Resa’s poster is hanging in the hallway leading to the stage and entertainment center. Everyone loves it.


Fern, the head gardener, is bring more flowers to the Garden Committee, to put on the breakfast table.


The contest to see who opens the show is in progress…the votes will be counted after dinner.

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