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The Main Stage in the Party Barn, is now open. Representatives of the PEACE Committee are opening the show.

friends, siblings, guests
and all who are here
we welcome you
to this FABULOUS
Halloween Party
at The Coop
(chirps and peeps)
most of us want PEACE
in the world
no more torture
pain and suffering
no more Factory Farming
or the slaughter of our
loved ones
so if you want to work for
there is a sign up sheet
on the table by the door
in the meantime
we would like to introduce
our first act
for your viewing pleasure
(more chirps, peeps and wing flaps)

The votes are in…Winners of the BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST.

It was a triple tie
and yes, the bee won a special award
but these three have been voted winners
of the 2022 Halloween party
they will have their picture taken
and be interviewed by a reporter
from The Coop paper


The stage is set…the Poetry Reading will be tomorrow night’s opening act..

The chicklets are working on the Halloween Party. Working on their costumes and the entertainment…


The Chicklet Halloween Party continues…

Hello,  I’m Angel Pumpkin, and I’m so happy to be back for this short program.  To start off the show, please welcome the Tumbling Chicklets and their spotter.

That flip was wonderful, wasn’t it.  Give them a lot of chirps and wing flaps.  Now Brian would like to show you his costume.

I’m sorry.  I should have said, Brian and his friend Stanley.

There was a tribute to the warming bunnies earlier today.  They are busy keeping new chicklets warm and working in the hospital, where a few piglets and hens are still recovering from the last raid on a Factory Farm.  I don’t know what we would do without the Warming Bunnies.  We owe them so much.

Cerise, a member of the I WISH I WAS A MERMAID, organization just wanted to wave her tail at everyone, so let’s here it for Cerise.

And now…

…one more vampire.  Count Fangula would like you to know that he’s a nice vampire and that he made his fangs himself, so you don’t have to be afraid of him.

Next…a representative of the BAN GUNS Committee would like you to know that there is no good news.  None at all.  Not even a little.

That concludes this portion of the live entertainment. Please go to the game area and don’t forget the treat tables.  Harry Potter movies will begin at 9:30 in the Pajama Party Barn.  Snacks will be served and I must say that the owls are quite excited about the films. Always remember…life is about having fun.

Thank you.  This is Angel Pumpkin signing off


Chicklet Buttercup is dressed up as a biker, in honor of Holly. Buttercup would love to have red feathers and a motorcycle. She has a scooter, so that will have to do for now. And yes, they used to call motorcycles scooters, but it’s not the same thing now, a least that’s what she said..

Okay, so…chicklets, caterpillars and Halloween

The chicklets never get angry, well, except when it comes to factory farms, eating and wearing animals, and all other forms of abuse, torture and death.  But I think I’m disappointing them by not finding time to paint them, while they are having their Halloween party.

I haven’t been this busy since….UH, a really long time ago.  Between the landscaping, the cat house, and nine million other things I have to do, I’m finding there aren’t enough hours in the day.  The chicklets offered to help me find them, the hours that is, but I told them, “Good luck.”

I’m not quite running on empty but getting there.  Have something to do all day tomorrow and hope I might be able to get to the grocery store on Saturday, then I think I’m clear for a couple of days.  All I have right no are frozen Eggo’s and water, oh and lots of bread, which is probably headed for the garbage can because I keep buyingnew bread and sticking it in the freezer, cuz I can’t eat a whole loaf of bread while it’s still brand new.  So right at this moment I’m having a blast, being stressed and while I know it will be over soon…my chicklets are softly pecking at me and telling me to get my act together.

So, I apologize to the chicklets, who deserve better but, having said that, they are excited because my granddaughter just found a caterpillar, is in love with him, and named him Jerry.  The chicklets immediately invited Jerry to the Halloween party, but it’s not going to happen.  He said there are too many beings that that might eat him.  I told him that would never happen at The Coop, but he still has reservations, so only time will tell.

Anyway…the party has started…let the fun begin.


There’s a line already forming for Holly’s Table of Treats. Unfortunately, the party isn’t until Halloween, so the crowd tends to ebb and flow accordingly. And just so you know, the chicklet on the right, with the died back feathers, did that because he’s going to the party as an Echo.


Chicklet Marie works in the library. She made a sign for Beth’s upcoming Story Hour…


The Stage Crew is hard at work, trying to get everything done in time for the party. Their job isn’t easy, as you can see. No, not easy at all.

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