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Shirl and Nan were going to the Rubber Duck Pond this morning…


Shirl got a brand new rubber duck to add to the Rubber Duck Pond.  The chicklets still think it’s spring.  I told them they could drop it in the water but they couldn’t go in.  Chicklets can’t actually swim, their feathers don’t get rid of the water and they end up sinking.   They do like to walk on the shore and float in their inner tubes.  There are no life guards at this time of the year and the Gondola is on shore until it gets warm and stays that way.  So they promised to just add the duck to the collection and come back and have pancakes and corn bread for breakfast.




Fair is fair, right?

I did this one some time ago but just ran across it this morning, so thought I would reblog it.

The chicklets are getting ready for Christmas…they love parties and presents and cornbread

Buttercup wanted to let everyone know that they better get busy making gifts for each other because time is counting down.  She has been painting pictures and writing poems so she is getting things finished in a timely manner.  She has a lot to do and she has to help with party plans but she wanted to remind us that Santa is on his way.

Sparrow and Ruth



“Your mom strengthen your chakras this morning?” asked Sparrow.

Ruth nodded and shook her feathers.

“Nice,” smiled Sparrow.  “Now you’re all balanced and glowie.”

Marty, Virginia and Wags…

IMG_3550“My mom said that if you look for happy surprises everyday you’ll always find them,” chirped Virginia.

“My mom said that if you eat peanut butter your beak will stick together,” peeped Marty.

“Moms’ know everything,” woofed Wags



They all agreed, then went off the the Art Center to make puppets for their puppet show.


IMG_3486Someone told Sugar that hearts could be broken and hurt so she decided to spray paint her heart on the wall and water it everyday.  The other chicklets though that was a brilliant idea, since a well cared for heart is a happy heart, so they are picking out spots to draw their own hearts.

Happy birthday Bling!!!

IMG_3296Today is Bling’s birthday, so I asked the chicklets to help with the celebration.  They were happy to oblige.

Happy, happy Michelle.  Have a wonderful day!!!  ❤


Finally, the answer we have all been waiting for…



The chicklets discuss philosophy/politics…

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