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Dogs and cats…2 pictures

brown short coated dog wearing santa hat

It’s easier dressing up dogs, than it is cats.  Dogs put up with a lot and they don’t mind being silly.  Most cats, on the other hand, can go insane if you put things on them, running up the walls and knocking things off shelves, in a mad attempt to remove whatever it is you put on them.  Cats hate to look ridiculous.  Dogs…just smile and go along with the insane people they love.

Dogs are cooperative.  Cats couldn’t care less what anyone else wants.  Cats don’t actually recognize any other way but their own.

orange cat

Cats are more likely to climb the tree, rather than let you put a hat on them.   They live by different rules.  Dogs, like to please others and cats like to please themselves.  Dogs get pleasure from making others happy, cats get pleasure from making themselves happy and if some of their happiness happens to tub off on you…it’s by accident, but still nice.

Dogs and cats will both eat, or shred, the tree, the ornaments, the gifts, the ribbons and pretty much anything else.  They have that in common.  Hence the Christmas time visits to the vet.

Dogs will let you know they love their Dogmas presents by playing with their squeaky toys right away.  Cats, will ignore whatever they get until everyone is asleep.  When they are sure no one can see them, they toss their catnip mice high into the air, slide across the kitchen floor, playing mouse hockey and generally have a good time…alone.

Dogs have human friends.  Cats have staff.  Dogs will wait patiently for attention.  Cats will throw themselves on whatever you’re doing until you give them what they want.  Dogs will take their medicine, cats will send you to the ER.  Dogs will do as they are told.  Cats will tell you what you can do.  Dogs think they’re lucky to have you. Cats think you’re lucky to have them.

Both are loving.  Both are caring.  Cats will lay around or on you, if you are sick or unhappy.  They will climb on you and snuggle, in an effort to make you feel better.  Dogs are the same way.  Dogs appear to get stressed  more easily, but cats are good at hiding their feelings.   Dogs are very good at not biting.  Cats bite, scratch and hiss now and then.  They also do Halloween cat, walking sideways, fluffing up to look bigger and scarier, but all that does is make cat lovers, love them more.

Dogs and cats both save lives.  Okay, dogs make great service dogs and go to war.  I really haven’t seen any war cats, but they might have been napping.  Cats do not lead the blind, or come when called.  Cats never feel sorry for anything they do.  Dogs hide and turn away, knowing whatever it was they did, was the wrong thing.

There is no contest between them.  Dogs and cats get along and are often great friends.  Our personalities sometimes make us cat or dog people, because of who we are.  I love dogs, but I’m definitely a cat person.  I would love to run with wolves, or a tiger.  Okay maybe a German Shepherd and a stray.  Either way, I would love them madly.  But it’s all about cats for me, even though I have a great love for dogs.

If people don’t like cats, they probably won’t like me.  I’m cat-like, although I can’t jump to the top of the refrigerator.  I can’t even jump onto the counter tops.  Climb maybe, but jump…no.  So when I say that I’m cat-like, I don’t mean that I can fly or run up a wall.  I don’t nap either.  In truth, I guess we’re all a little of both, with heavy leanings toward one or the other.  I’m sure there are those who are equally in love with both.  They would be cadg lovers I guess.  We do love our labels, after all.

So, during this christmas holiday, dress up your dog and expect to see your cat in the tree.  That’s just the way things are.


Dog photo:  Jamie Street

Cat photo:  Jessica Lewis


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