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These cats are not jerks, they just know what they want…LOLOLOL From: Bored Panda…really cute and funny

40 Jerk Cats Who Reigned Over Dogs And Stole Their Beds

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A dog’s tail…I mean, tale…

People often say that I have a startled look on my cute face.  They’re right.  I live with three cats.   I’m a really nice dog.  Are there any really nice cats?   I’ve heard that they exist but they don’t live … Continue reading

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These pictures of cats and dogs are so adorable…the cats and dogs are truly beautiful.

This Artist Is Making Flower Crowns For Animals And They Look Majestic

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Best friends…

“I’ve decided to adopt,” she said, taking another bite of cheesecake. “Wow!  Congratulations.  Did you fill out an application?  Talk to anyone?” “Not yet,” she said, sipping her tea.  “I think you do all that after you go to the … Continue reading

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Cats and dogs…

“Look at him.  He does everything the guy tells him to do and, he begs.  He actually BEGS,” she said.  “I can’t watch.  It’s too humiliating.” “They’re like that.  You’ve seen them a million times, tongues hanging out of their … Continue reading

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