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Five pictures of cacti from the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago…

Garfield Park Conservatory…Chicago 4 pictures

I went to the Conservatory with my cousin and three other women yesterday.  Don’t want to back for a long time.  It’s a small Conservatory and nothing really changes.  Beautiful but I know it by heart.  The cactus were blooming, so I took pictures for you because they look so sweet with their tiny flowers.  I like the fern room, even though it’s a thousand degrees and the humidity is insane.  The ferns are happy, even if the people are melting and that’s all that matters. .


In the cactus greenhouse…

Chicago Botanic Garden

spines on the trunk of a cactus…

Chicago Botanic Garden

Cacti with a pink crown of flowers…

Chicago Botanic Garden

Cactus…2 photographs

Not sure if it was a tree or just a huge cacti.

The Chicago Botanic Garden


Chicago Botanic Garden

From the desert room at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago (2 photographs)

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