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My daughter has a family of bunnies living in her yard. They are safe and she mows around the clover patches, since the bunnies love clover.


Photo: Deborah

Happy Bunny Day…

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I am a living bunny.  I am not made for coats or the inside of gloves.  I am not food.  I am a living being with a heart and mind.  I do not belong to you.  I am sweet and kind.  I do not harm anyone.



Today is Bunny day…hop and have fun.


Easter’s almost here…

Photo:  Benjamin Lehman

A bunny and her human friend…

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This is Bonnie.  She found her human walking down the street and adopted him.  They are very happy together and she takes good care of him.  She takes him for walks and they have lunch together.  It’s a nice relationship.  He’s a good human.

Photo:  Pixabay

The bunnies are coming…easter is on it’s way…time for chocolate covered marshmallow eggs and Peeps.

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Photo:  Pixabay


Bunny helps out at the library and she loves to read. The chickets bring their books back and forth in carts made by the stage crew. They did a good job.


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This is Samantha, Sam to her friends. All the bunnies are getting ready to deliver baskets of chocolate eggs to children everywhere.  It’s Sam’s job to make sure the baskets are filled properly and don’t weigh more than a bunny can carry. She’s very good at what she does.

Albert and Ducky…

Albert was rescued from a bunny farm, right after he was born.   Ducky is his best friend.  They do everything together.


bunnies need a kind
and loving home
where we are treated
with respect
we are not gloves
hats or coats
we are not clothing
or food
or decorations
we are living
more loving
and sane


by Ducky

ducks love water
we swim and float
watch out for boats
and get our food
from water

water is where ducks live
and humans
are poisoning it
where will we go then


Rabbit Cute Paw Animal Bunny Ears Fur Port

I am not a lining for your coat or gloves
I am not a decoration for your hat
My feet will never bring you luck
I am not your dinner

I am not yours to breed
to torture
to experiment on
to skin
to murder

I am a living being
with feelings
and a beating heart

how can you not know that

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