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Something wonderful…a freshly baked loaf of bread

Bread, Slice, Loaf, Oil, Knife, Table

Photo:  Pixabay


Wether sliced daintily, or ripped apart with my bare hands…bread is one of my favorite things. I love the crust and usually hollow out the bread and eat the insides, then I bliss out and eat the delicious crust. Sometimes I grab it where the crust it raised and just pull it off and put jelly on it and then I know that heaven exists.

Bread, Loaf Of Bread, Bread Crust

Bread…crusty, delicious carbs…nothing to fear…just enjoy…cut it with a knife…or tear it with your hands, either way…have at it…after all…bread won’t kill you…other people will.


I LOVE bread…


Picture from Pixabay


IMG_3553I bought this fantastic bread at Whole Foods yesterday and had pb&j sandwiches which were so delicious.  I froze the bread so it would be crusty and yummy today. It’s some kind of whole grain bread and I love it.

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