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The Bookstore…

The chicklets have reopened the bookstore.  They built it, after returning from Paris and Shakespeare and Company.  It was open for quite a long time but then they became interested in other things.  Now, with the prospect of a new Paris Party on the agenda, they are dusting off the things they brought with them from their trip.

Everyone is getting very excited about the party and the reopening of all the Paris shops.  The Stage Crew is working hard and so are the chicklets in the costume department.  The Kitchen Crew has come up with new designs for treats and the chicklets are trying to learn more French.

It’s an ongoing process and the date for the Party has not been officially set.  I’ll keep you posted.


A church turned into a bookstore…do you think the books on powerful women, witchcraft and magick have to be removed at night, so they don’t burst into flames?

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Bookstore…short story

“Are you going to read that book?  I mean, are you going to buy it?” he asked, smiling at her.

“That’s why I’m holding it.  That’s the way it works.  When a person is holding a book, while in a bookstore, and she’s not looking through it, and she’s standing in line at the check-out counter, it usually means she’s going to buy said book.”

“Ah.  I just wanted to know, because that’s the last copy they have.”

“They can order another copy for you.”

“But it will take five to seven work days to get here.”

“Try another shop.”

“They called and everyone is out of stock.”

“I can’t imagine why, it’s an old book,” she said, staring at him.  “Not a bestseller, by any stretch of the imagination.”

“Do you think I read bestsellers?”

“I have no idea what you read.”

“Can I have it?”

“No, you can’t have it,” she laughed, clutching the book tighter.  “What’s wrong with you anyway.”

“No one has been able to answer that question, and believe me, a lot of people have tried.”

“Do you even know what the book is about?”

“I don’t.”

“They why do you want it?”

“I don’t actually want the book.  I just wanted to talk to you and that seemed the best way to do it.”

“So the book was your opening line?”

“It was.”

“Has that ever worked before?”

“I never tried it before.”

“Is this really the last copy of this book?”

“I don’t even know what the title is, so probably not.”

“Do you even read?”

“All the time.  Can I buy you a coffee in the cafe?  We can talk about books.”

“Thank you, but no.”

“I’ll treat you to the cheesecake of your choice,” he whispered.  “Or a Death By Chocolate Cupcake, if you’d rather have that.”

“Which one would you choose?”

“Cupcake, of course,” he said immediately.  “I love cats,” he said, trying not to laugh.  “And I’m a feminist.  I also love Paris and street art and…”

“I want hot chocolate, not coffee.”

“It would be my great pleasure, to escort you to one of the tiny tables and get you a hot chocolate.”

“I’m not staying long.”

“I understand completely.  By the way, my name is…”

“No,” she said.  “Don’t tell me.”

“Whatever you wish,” he said, taking her free hand.


They talked until the store closed and moved in together four months later.  They suddenly had two dogs, a cat and a lot more bookshelves.  They are pretty much living happily ever after.

Strange things can happen in a bookstore.  I think it’s all the dreams and magic in the air.  Well, that and the cupcakes, of course.  Never underestimate the power of chocolate.

The London Bookbardge…a bookstore on a boat…how cool is THAT?









Used book Café


Bookstore in France

Perfect bookstore…it has a cat

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