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Chicago is 185 years old, TODAY.

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Today is my birthday…Virgo (9 pictures of books)

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Yesterday, when Deb and I went out, we ate at MOD Pizza.  We LOVE their salads and pizza, since you can put anything you want on them.  There are MOD Pizza places scattered all over, but we like the one by her house.  I told the women, who kind of know us by now, that we were there to celebrate and they made the day even better.  That’s why we love that place.  Fabulous food and fabulous people.

First we went to Half Price Books (Deb gave me a gift cert from there for my B day and more to my other favorite places).  I got some very cool things, all but three or four of them were on the sale shelf, for around $2 or $3.  See below for all my wonderful finds.

Then we went to Barnes, where I got a book on physics, and then we played at the shopping center taking pictures and drawing with chalk.  The weather was PERFECT.

And…on the way home, I took the country road and while traffic was heavy going the other way, the birthday gods cleared my side and I was once again able to FLY, windows open, music LOUD and it was perfect!

Sometimes, life gives you exactly what you want…I love those days.


I’m not a Bowie fan but the artwork in the book is very cool.



Happy Birthday Agatha Christie…

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Okay, so…today is my birthday…


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My friend and I went out all day.  She told EVERYONE, everywhere we went, that it was my birthday.  She was so  funny.  People were all waving and wishing me a happy day.  We had lunch and she told the waitress that I need cake, or something, so the woman brought me the best sundae EVER!  OMG  When she put it down, my friend said, “Where’s the candle?”  So the woman rushed away and found a candle.  Then my fiend sang to me, while I made a wish and blew out the candle.  We split the sundae and she agreed, it was the best one we’ve ever had.  And when I tell you that we’ve had a lot of sundaes, you can believe it.

So, I had a fun day, even though was, and still is,  SO HOT AND HUMID you could literally fall to the ground and just lay there.  Sticky and exhausting weather.  Clothes plastered to my body but I had a blast and it was a lot of fun.

My daughter is taking me out to celebrate on Friday, so I get to do it all over again.  Yay!

And…a new book, in the Sandman Slim series, came out at midnight.  I ordered on my Kindle, so I could start reading it immediately and that’s exactly what I did.  A birthday book…how cool is THAT?



Happy Birthday George Carlin…

Okay, so…

In an hour and a half my birthday will over for another year.  When my love was alive he spoiled me rotten and gave me presents every day from the first of August to the twenty eighth.  That’s just the way he was.  We celebrated a lot and I love surprises.  Anyway, we had a special pizza place that we ALWAYS went to at least once a week.  We loved their food and naturally, we got to know the people who worked there.  I would practice my Spanish on them and they would help me and laugh a lot.  I haven’t been there in over six years.  Not since my love died.

Today, my cousin and I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden and wandered around. We had fun and the weather was perfect.  Then she said,  “How about pizza?”  The only pizza place around was OUR pizza place and I do not exaggerate when I say it’s the best thin crust EVER.  So, I said, I’m ready to go back there.  I walked in and felt as if I came home. We were all so happy to see each other. Chatting and smiling.  It was lovely.

We ordered our pizza and later, while we were eating, one of the guys started waving a cardboard box at me.  I told him we didn’t need it, since we were definitely going to finish the whole pizza.  But he kept saying,  “Here, come here, get the box.”  So, I got up and went over to him.  I whispered that we didn’t need the box and he smiled and lifted the lid.  He had made me my favorite pizza to take home…and said, “Happy Birthday.”  It was a gift from the heart of a beautiful man.  All the people who work there are wonderful.  They are sweet and always joyful but this amazingly thoughtful gift touched me deeply and was one of the best gifts I’ve have ever received.  See, kindness and love can come from anywhere and it can take any form.  Today love came to me in smiles and an unexpected birthday pizza from people who reminded me that once family…always family.

So, yes, I had a fabulous birthday in every way.  Thank you for all your happy wishes.  I’m very grateful.  ❤

It’s my birthday!!!! I’m going out to play…be back tomorrow….Yay!


Happy Birthday, Julia Child


“It’s a rare and difficult attainment
to grow old gracefully and happily.
Find something you’re passionate about
and keep tremendously interested in it.”



Have your fabulous cup of whipped cream, a couple of donuts and relax.  Hope your special day is filled with peace, love and joy.  Happy, happy on you, Bling!!!  ❤


Chicago Botanic Garden

Hope you have a lovely birthday:)

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