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everything each of us does causes a ripple in time in the ocean of life and in the universe itself what we do expands and touches everything around us right now there’s a war going on it’s just a matter … Continue reading

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A sunny day…a poem about death

and when death comes in might be on a sunny afternoon when everything seems fine until suddenly you can’t breath because your hands are zipped behind your back and there’s a knee pressing against your throat and then on that … Continue reading

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Color…a poem

she loved color it was all around her wherever she looked color blossomed into existence it was EVERYWHERE she walked through it played in it slept in it color was drawn to her like honey bees to their favorite flowers … Continue reading

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Beauty…a poem

it has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I think they mean in the “I” of the beholder for beauty is so personal so powerful and profound that it can tear into you igniting … Continue reading

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The city…(Chicago)

giants made of steel glass and chrome stand as testament to our ability to build and reach for the sky while too often ignoring what’s going on down on the ground

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the cosmic egg breaks the tree rooted in earth grows paridise reborn

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the colors fell across the stones their rough edges blending into each other making lines of beauty as only a natural rainbow can   Picture:  Pixabay

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some people spend their time hiding allowing themselves only a tiny peek into their own lives they never get to see the big picture to take in what the world has to offer they never learn how to fly

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Night monsters…

the night monsters must be lonely hungry as well they only have each other to play with since we’re stuck inside and that’s no fun at all they like easy prey like men who beat terrorize and rape women they … Continue reading

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Dead End Bar…

welcome to the Dead End Bar glad you could make it we’ve been waiting for you we never close so sit down relax enjoy your poison listen to the music and let the beat take you we accept cash credit … Continue reading

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