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Wild Horses…a poem

I feel the thunder in my heart the energy and wonder of running free that is what I am made of I am not yours to break I am a separate being wild and untamed I do not belong to … Continue reading

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The answer…a poem

when your world starts to crumble and you think all is lost when you can’t seem to pull yourself out of the dark pit of fear or loss when you think all hope is gone there’s one thing you can … Continue reading

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Dreaming of elephants…a poem

if you’re dreaming of riding an elephant it’s always a good idea to wear blue and a hat is a nice touch as well because elephants have a very keen fashion sense and if one is not properly attired well … Continue reading

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So many people love coffee but there are those of us who love tea…so this is for all the tea lovers out there…

a cup of steaming hot tea its scent filling the air the chocolate cake on the lacy plate the perfect companion for that most delicious of all beverages

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The Moon and Stars…a poem

she couldn’t keep track of all those who had gone on before her so she asked the Moon when it was in its crescent form if She would hold a star for each of them in Her arms that way … Continue reading

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Masks…a poem

some people wear their masks so well no one notices they aren’t who they pretend to be

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Doorways…a poem

doorways exist everywhere but only the ones we see are there for us most doorways are exits only so be careful which one you decide to enter

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