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The Magical Apothecary…15

“Should I ask questions, or are you just going to tell me things?”

“How about a little of both,” said the fairy.

“Okay,” said Joey, offering her a cookie, which she accepted with great excitement.  “First, do you think I’m really part fairy?”

“Seriously?” she asked.

He nodded.

“Of course you’re fairy.  Well, partly, anyway.”

“How is that possible.”

She sighed.  “When a male and a female get together…”

“No that part,” he said, glaring at her.

“Well, you said you didn’t know anything,” she laughed.  “How am I supposed to know what you don’t know?”

“I meant about being a fairy.”

“You didn’t say that part.”

“You’re right.  I didn’t.  I’m sorry.”

“Yes, you’re part fairy.  It happens.  Actually, it happens more often than you would believe.  We’re drawn to each other, and some couples live out their entire lives together.  Which just means they’re together until the human dies.  Fairies live for a very long time.  Forever, basically. The loss  of a human can be difficult, that’s why most fairies don’t stay with them.  Humans last for such a short time.  They’re so fragile.  Surely you’ve noticed that about them.”

“Do you know who my fairy parent was, or can you find out?”

“I probably can, but I’ll need a blood sample.”

“How do I do…OUCH,” he said, pulling his hand back.

“That should be enough blood,” she said.

“You could have warned me, you know.”

“I know,” she chuckled.  “It’s more fun as a surprise.  For me, I mean.”

Chester put his head in her lap.

“He likes you,” said Joey, smiling.

“I like him as well,” she said.  “Now, do you remember anything from you early life?  A park, forest, people, anything?”

“Not really.  Just…”

“Just what?” she asked.

“A big tree.  I was in the tree a lot.  Climbing it, napping in its branches.”

“A big tree,” she sighed.  “Any chance you know where the tree WAS?”

“No, but, and this will sound silly, but I have a leaf.  I don’t know where it came from, but it was in my…”

“Give it to me right now,” she said, breathlessly, holding out her hand. “Hurry up.”

Joey opened his wallet and carefully removed a dried leaf, zipped into a tiny baggie, which he placed onto her waiting palm.’

She took the leaf out of it’s protective covering and crushed it in her hand.  She heard Joey gasp, as she tasted it. Then she closed her eyes.  Once she located the tree she opened her eyes and smiled.

“Why did you do that!”

“I know where the tree is,” she said, grinning.

“You do?”

“Yes.  I also know when.”


She nodded.  I think I even know who your are, based on the location of the tree and the fairies who live near it.  Your blood will confirm my suspicion.  You know, a lot of babies, from a fae, human pairing don’t make it.”

“I guess I’m one of the few who did then, right?” he said.

She nodded.  “I think that’s because the non fairy parent wasn’t so non.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think the human parent wasn’t completely human, but part fairy herself.”

“You mean my mother?”

“Yes, your mother.  I’m almost positive you father was a full blood fae.”

“Do you know someone named Cormick?”

“Everyone knows Cormick.” she said, tucking in her wings.  “You don’t want to go by him.”

“Why not?”

“He’ll get you killed.”

“How abut you?  Will you get me killed?

“Always a possibility,” she said, truthfully.  “Death is always ready to take someone.”

“Can fairies lie?”


“How do I know that’s true?”

“You don’t.”

“So there’s no way to prove that you can’t lie.”

“Whatever I say will be irrelevant.”

“You’re right.  Never mind.”

“You ready to go see the tree?”


“Can you think of a better time?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Probably,” he said, smiling at her, “but sure, let’s go.”


The Magical Apothecary…14

Diana walked into the kitchen around one in the morning.  She saw Joey, Chester and Midnight all sitting around eating.

“Do you ever sleep, Joey?”

He nodded, his mouth full of corn flakes.

Chester dropped to the floor and rolled over for a tummy rub.

Diana petted him and talked baby talk to him for a few minutes, then pulled out a chair and sat down, in front of another bowl of oatmeal.  “I don’t know why we talk baby talk to animals.  Maybe they seem like our children but they must think we’re crazy.”

“What are you going to do about Cormick?” asked Joey.

“There’s nothing I can do,” she said.  “We aren’t kids, playing with magic, any longer.”

“No,” said Joey, “you aren’t.  But, can you help him?”

“I seriously doubt it.”

“Are you going to try?”

“Probably not.  Why?”

“Well, if what he can do will effect everyone, it seems as if something should be done to stop him.”

“You know, I wouldn’t mind winter half as much, if it stayed light longer.”

“Good luck with that,” he said, eating a brownie with frosting.

“Some things can’t be changed.  All one can do is turn on more lights,” she said.

“Weather isn’t a person.  It doesn’t think.”

“Maybe,” she said.  “Cormick’s an addict.  H knows right from wrong.  He just chooses wrong, a lot of the time.”

“Why do you think he does that?”

“It’s exciting.  He likes to walk on the edge of things, to see if he can keep his balance. He’s willing to risk everything for the thrill of it.”

“He risked you,” said Joey. “And lost.”

“I noticed that you ordered a lot more books.”

“People seem to want them.  They write in the margins and can carry them around with them.  The more beat up they look, the better.  Rather than order them one at a time, I thought I’d just order a bunch and let people take them home right away.”

She nodded.  “Do whatever you think is best.  They seem to be selling quickly, which proves that people need, or want them.  We’re here to provide those services.”

“You still love him. Why?”

“That’s more of a private matter.”

“Oh, sure.  Sorry.  But what about Bruce?”

“What about him?”

“Does he know you still love Cormick?”

“Bruce and I are friends,” said Diana, putting whipped cream on top of her hot fudge sundae.

“Does he know that?”

“My love life isn’t open for discussion.”

“Okay,” said Joey, looking at his foot.  A small fairy was pulling on his sock.

“Hey,” she said.  “Big person.”

“Me?” he asked, touching his chest.

“Yes, you.  Who else would I be talking to?”

Diana smiled.  “See you tomorrow,” she said.

The fairy flew to the table top.  “My Lillyana.”

“I’m Joey.”

“I know who you are, silly.  I was told you’re were smart, but I think they were wrong about that.”

“Did Taylor send you?”

“She did,” said Lillyana.  “Hold on a sec.”  She fluttered her wings and took a deep breath and grew almost to his size.  “There,” she said.  “That’s a lot better.”

“Wow!  You are GORGEOUS.”

“I’m a fairy, what did you expect?”

“You’re the first fairy I ever met.”

“No way.”

“Way,” he said.

“But you’re part fairy.”

“That’s what I’ve been told,” agreed Joey.

“So you don’t know anything?”

“No.  I don’t know anything.”

Lillyana snickered and rubbed her wings together.  “Oh, this is going to be so much fun.”



Starting over…15

“What are you two doing here?  I have class this morning,” said Jerry.  “We’re going to study your weak little bodies today.”

“You’re not teaching anything until you tell us what’s going on.  I want to know about the angels,” said Lilly.

“What angels?”

“The angels you expect James to fight.”

“I told you.  There aren’t any angels.  They don’t exist.”

“You’re lying,” said James.

“I’m not,” he sighed, sitting down behind his desk.  “Look, they aren’t the kind of “angels,” he said, making finger quotes, “that your kind made up.  I mean there is no god, and the angels aren’t wearing white robes, they don’t have wings, at least not the kind you’d recognize, and you won’t see a single halo.  It’s more like the war between the north and the south, and the so-called angels are a biker gang that’s pissed off because their side lost.”

“What?” said James, his eyes wide.

“Look,” said Jerry.  “A very long time ago, there was a fight between the beings you call aliens. Actually, it was more like a very big, very long, very violent, game, and earth was one of the prizes.  So we broke into two teams, kind of like they used to do in gym class in the thirties, where the captain of one side picked a kid and then the other captain picked a kid, until everyone was on one of the two teams.  It was like that, only with powerful aliens who had their own cultures and planets.  I mean it was better doing it that way than everyone was fighting everyone else.  It never would have ended, if we didn’t have teams, and things were already messy enough.  So, we had two sides.  Then we picked four beings from each side, since there were a LOT of us, to write up the rules.  Even though this universe is chaotic, we needed some guidelines, or the game never would have ended.

Anyway, the rules were drawn up and agreements signed.  Anyone who didn’t follow the rules, was out of the game.  Permanently, if you know what I mean,” said Jerry.  “All the planets, and there were more than there are now, at least in your group, were up for grabs, but yours was the one we all wanted.  I take that back,” he said.  “Some wanted what eventually came to be called, Pluto.  Said it was a jumping off place for what they wanted to do.  But earth was the big prize for most of us.”

“Where do the angels come in?” asked James.

They aren’t angels, they’re just beings who call themselves that, because they think it’s funny.  I told you, they’re like a motorcycle gang, only made up of violent psychopaths.  Don’t get me wrong, I like human biker gangs.  I even rode with Hell’s Angels and the Chicago Outlaws for awhile.” Jerry smiled, and started drifting away.  “Those were the days,” he sighed.

“Uh, Jerry,” said Lilly, snapping her fingers in front of his face.  “What else?”

“Well, our side won.”

“And?” said James.

“The other side wasn’t happy.”

“I can imagine, but you said, they signed contracts and would follow the rules.”

“They signed, because they thought they’d win.”

“How long ago was this?”

“Pretty much right in the beginning, when you guys were crawling out of the ooze.”

“Seriously?” said Lilly.

Jerry nodded.  “Anyway, they never got over the fact that their side lost.  They’re still pretending that they won something, still wearing their uniforms and colors.  Waving flags and doing their thing.  They want a rematch but, we said no, it was a one time deal.”

“So, they might come here anyway?”

“Yes.  And I have to get to class,” said Jerry.

“Do they look human?”

Jerry, looked shocked and then laughed.  “Let’s just say that they would stand out in a crowd and be hard to miss.”

“I don’t want to fight,” said James.

“You won’t have a choice, Jimmy boy.  “It’s fight or die.”

And with that Jerry, pushed past them and went to teach his biology class.

“Uh, fight or die?” whispered James, staring at Lilly.  “Did you hear him?  He said FIGHT OR DIE!”

“We still don’t know that they are coming here.

“I THINK WE DO,” he shouted.

“Maybe, but we don’t know when,” she said, trying to calm him down.  “We probably have plenty of time to find out more about what’s going on and how to fight back, if that ever becomes necessary.”

“IF?  Why can’t you admit that this is going to happen?”

“James.  You wouldn’t have been given this task, if they didn’t think you could do it.”

“Are you MAD?” he asked, glaring at her.”  I told you, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO FIGHT!”

“You really have to stop saying that.  I mean it.  You need to find out what you can do and what else they put into you.”

James took a deep breath and nodded.  “You’re right.  Deep breaths.  Deep breaths.”

“Let’s go to my house and fight.”


“I said…”

“Fight?  You want me to fight you?  You’re a…girl.”

She had him on the floor in two seconds, his arms twisted behind his back, and growled into his ear, “I am a girl, but I can beat you up with one hand tied behind my back, you…you…”

:I’M SORRY. I’M SORRY,” he yelled.  “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Let’s try that again,” said Lilly, letting him up.  “You can come to my house and we can fight, or do you have someone else in mind?”

“No, of course not, but…”

“I’m a good fighter.”

“I can see that.  Where did you learn to fight like that?”

“My mom taught me, now get up and come with me.”

“Maybe we should wait until Jerry comes back and ask more questions?”

“We could do that.   But we know you’ll have to fight a biker gang from the universe and…James?  Get off the floor.”

“Oh, sorry.  I think I blacked out for a minute.”

“No.  You didn’t,” she said.  “Why are you afraid?  What are you afraid OF?  You’ve already been dead, so I don’t get it.”

“What if it hurts.”

“Let’s try and find out what other gifts you’ve been given.  Maybe that will make you feel better.  Let’s go and remember, the place you NEVER want to be in a fight, is on the ground.”






Annie…Short story…15

“Earth is a mess,” said Annie.  “I can’t believe humans have lasted as long as they have.”

“They’ve had lots of help,” smiled Griffon.

The sun came out and Lucifer appeared in the kitchen.  “Cake?”

“Sure,” said Clark, getting a plate for his father.

“Don’t bother. I’ll just eat the whole thing,” he said, grabbing hunks with his bare hands.  “Sorry, but I’m starving, so…”

Clark put another cake on the table and they all started eating with their hands.  Laughter filled the room and chocolate was everywhere.

“We pushed them back,” said Lucifer, nodding and smiling.

“Does that mean you won?” asked Annie.

Lucifer looked at her.  “No one wins, Annie.  The most we can do is beat them back for awhile.  That’s what we did.”

“You’re really my father?”

“I am.  And I couldn’t be happier,” he said.

“Whoa brother,” said Griffon. “You’re a little too happy.  Is it from the battle, or what?”

“It is,” he sighed.  “Earth is so dreary and mundane.  Everyone’s trapped and trying to survive another day.  It felt good to fly, to fight, to overcome.  It felt good to be home.”

“Was, she there?” asked Griffon

“Griffon,” said Lucifer. “You don’t want to go there.”

“Who’s she?” asked Annie.

“A friend of mine.  Her name is…”

“Rainbow and you call her Sally?” laughed Annie.  “Or perhaps, Rosebud but you call her Nancy?”

“What’s wrong with her?” he asked, looking at Clark.

“She still can’t get over the fact that Feather in the Wind is called Sandra.”

“Why not?”

“It doesn’t make sense to her.  That’s why she’s laughing so hard.”

“I see,” said Lucifer, watching her, as cats pooled around her feet.

“Her named Sword of Silver, but everyone calls her Silver,” he said.

“Okay,” gasped Annie.  “Now that makes sense.  Is she your girlfriend?  Are you in love with her?”

“Yeah dad, are you?”

Griffon, cackled.  “Ah, teenagers.  No matter the species, ys gotta love them.”

“We’ve just known each other for a long time.  She’s a great warrior,”  sighed Lucifer.  “Now drop it.”

“Yes, but do you love her?” asked Griffon, his face contorted with laughter.

“I need a shower and then I have work to do.  It’s good to be home.”  Lucifer stopped, looked at everyone, including the hen and the cats and said, “I think it is, anyway.”  Then he walked away, his sword still in his hand.

Lucy was playing with Butch and Dottie and the hen was on a chair with three cats, watching the dogs roll around on the floor.

The most spectacular angel Annie had ever seen, dropped into the kitchen.  She was over six feet tall, had white spiked hair and pale green eyes.  Her her features were perfect. Her black wings were tucked tightly behind her back and she was dressed in black belts with silver buckles and a torn tank top.  She had a short sword in each hand.  She nodded at Griffon, stared at Clark and smiled at Annie.  “He was happy to find out that you were his,” she said, her voice deep and smokey.

“You must be Silver,” said Annie.  “Are you in love with Lucifer?”

Griffon almost fell off of his chair. He slapped his knee and waved his hand at Silver, letting her know he couldn’t speak at the moment.

“Where’s is he?” she asked.

“Shower,” said Clark, pointing the way.

“Thanks,” was all she said, as she went off to find him.

“You guys,” wheezed Griffon, pointing at Clark and Annie. “I wouldn’t have missed this for anything.”

“What is WRONG with you?” asked Annie.

Griffon shrugged.  “No idea.  I don’t think anyone knows, actually.”

“Are you going to stay for awhile?” asked Clark.

“No,” said Griffon.  “Not that I don’t want to, it’s just that your dad and I have issues.  He’s all that and I’m all this,” he said running his hands down his body.  He works and I play and rarely do the two meet.”

“What about Sandra?” asked Annie.

“I’ll keep trying,” he said, a sad smile on his lips.

“You looked fantastic, when you went to fight the angels.  If you stopped living in the past, wore clean clothes, and talked like a normal angel, I don’t see how she could resist you,” said Annie.

Griffon stared at her.  “Thank you, tiny sister.  Actually, I should call you tiny nice, I guess.”  And he was gone.

“I don’t know why he calls me tiny anything!” said Annie loudly.

“He’s just like that,” said Clark.  “He doesn’t mean anything by it”

“Yes, he does.  It’s mean to do something to someone when they don’t like it.  Don’t make excuses for nasty behavior.  If he comes back I’m not talking to him unless he uses my name.  I refuse to be treated poorly and that’s that!”

Clark stared at her.  “Way to go. Oh, and good luck trying to change him.”

“I think we should make a list of the new rules we are willing to follow and give them to your father.”

“He’s your father too,” said Clark.

“Oh, yes,” she said, smiling.  “A list that we’ll give to our father.”

“Or,” said Clark, grinning.  “We could just tell him that from now on, we’re going to do as we please.”

Annie, clapped her hands.  “That’s exactly what I was going to say.”


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