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The idea that MEN can make laws that control women’s bodies, and FORCE THEM to have children after being raped, is so evil that there are no words for it, other than HATEFUL, CONTROLLING, DISGUSTING, EVIL, EVIL, EVIL…Women need to leave the state immediately. From: Bored Panda

After Alabama Banned Abortions, This Lawmaker Introduced A Bill That Would Make Vasectomies Mandatory

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A Sign of the Times…

he was good-looking in a scholarly kind of way he spoke softly intelligently and he was funny he seemed truly interested in her but while she thought she would like to get to know him better she had closed the … Continue reading

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I finally lost that last five pounds…am I pretty enough now?

  Eating disorders still exist.  Some people spend their entire lives thinking about how much they weigh.  There’s something wrong with that.

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From: Candy

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The Woman in Black – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

she always wore black always she said she did it to mourn for all the pain and suffering women were forced to face in their lives all the torture and misery caused by men and patriarchal society she kept her … Continue reading

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Think about it…

When I was walking past the biography section at Barnes, I noticed how many women, on the covers of their books, had their hands on, or next to, their faces.  It was incredible.  Not a single man had his hands … Continue reading

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Featured Post: What we’re told not to talk about – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

  women aren’t allowed to tell the truth about what happens to them about their lives about motherhood about feeling trapped raising kids staying home when they’d rather be out living their own lives about what men do to them … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

So, I was looking at this thing on Bored Panda, where women wrote in and said that when they are out at a bar and a man wants to buy them a drink, if they order something non-alcoholic, the man … Continue reading

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Okay, so…forgiveness

  I’ve been around for a long time and to me…forgiveness is like having an elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.  People forgive others but they never forget what they forgave them for.  Relationships are … Continue reading

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FromBored Panda: An ex-husband did this to his beautiful 34 ex wife, the mother of his child…I don’t think anything happened to him for doing it. He should have been put into an acid bath. They are actually trying to get a law passed to stop men from throwing acid on women, because it happens all the time. And she forgave him. That is why nothing ever changes. Women have been brainwashed to forgive and accept the things that are done to them. Men have not consequences for what they and it makes life a nightmare for women and children. Worse, she not only FORGAVE HIM, but she told her daughter to forgive him too, so she will never fight back as well…and that is the horror of it all. Teaching females to forgive men for what they do IS a huge part of the problem. That has to stop.

34-Year-Old Mother Survives Her Ex-Husband’s Acid Attack And I Want To Share Her Story

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