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All Hallow’s Eve…

All Hallows’s Eve, when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest.  Witches will cast their spells into the void, where they will find those who tortured and burned their foremothers, so they can understand the suffering they caused others. … Continue reading

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The Call…

The crow called to the witches.  Called the Coven to order.  The witches were meeting to save the environment, to save women and children, to save the world…so the crow sang, loud and clear, so that those who knew how … Continue reading

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Maiden, Mother, Crone

Maiden Mother Crone life in all of its stages stollen by men and twisted into their father son and holy ghost thieves and liars everyone of them we know the truth the crows and ravens keep our lore and we … Continue reading

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joined we are sisters one and all where there is one witch you will always find more harm one and you harm us all know that we are everywhere

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we see you always we know who you are you killers of witches of women you are never out of our sight and we know where you live

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our hearts mourn for the women murdered at the hands of greedy men men who feared a witches power and wanted what they had but in each of us a seed was planted a seed called revenge revenge for our … Continue reading

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The Witches…

we never left we’re all still here made of fire our lungs filled with water we honor our mothers and grandmothers the healers and good women murdered by jealous men tortured and falsely accused but they couldn’t kill us all … Continue reading

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