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I think it’s strange that…

…people are asking for others to pray for the “president.”  I just don’t have time to do that. I’m still busy thinking about the kids who were ripped out of their mother’s arms, torn from their families, and placed in … Continue reading

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If we don’t have to go out…

I know most of us want to go out and enjoy the final days of summer, but if we are ever going to get control of the virus, even a little, let’s stay home whenever we can. Eleven hundred people … Continue reading

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Virus…A Story Poem…

a virus released by the government in order to thin the herd so that fewer would starve from the food shortages that began once that same government hoarded and genetically mutated seeds so that farmers had to buy seeds rather … Continue reading

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The future…a poem

a virus hit the earth in 2020 no one knew what the long term effects of having it would be hundreds of thousands died but many young people survived only to find that strange things began happening to them as … Continue reading

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Sturgis is this weekend…starts today.

Down from 500,000 to 250,000 expected, bikers head for Sturgis this weekend.  Two hundred and fifty thousand bikers will hit the small town of Sturgis, South Dakota, for fun and partying…during a pandemic.  Masks are optional. When asked, the mayor … Continue reading

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Don’t you think it’s insane that EVERY SINGLE PERSON, who is around trump, has to BE TESTED FOR COVID EVERY SINGLE DAY, so HE is protected, but he doesn’t think TESTING is important for anyone else. He’s a pathetic and … Continue reading

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From: Bored Panda…there are 118 of them but they’re pretty good.

118 Coronavirus Jokes That Went Viral This Week

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My son-in-law was talking to someone today, who told him that he and his wife made an appointment to get tested for the virus.  When they went, it was packed, so they turned around and went home. They just got … Continue reading

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Covid 19…

I just turned on CNN for a bit and they said, THERE IS NO HERD IMMUNITY FOR COVID 19.

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It’s not over, even if we want it to be…nothing has changed.

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