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We have our Santa for this year. Hands down the most “liked” Santa of them all. Holly has some reservations but she’s okay with him…so Merry, Merry and look for this guy in your living room…if you believe, of course.

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I’m gonna say, “No,” to this one…although he may be a shaman of sorts, but still…I don’t think so

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This seems like a nice Santa…I like the holly behind his ear and his velvety cap…seems like a hands on kind of guy…I’ll put him on the “maybe” list

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This Santa seems nice but…I’m going to keep looking

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Short story…The Meeting

“Who are you?” “A homeless man.” “What’s your name?” “Santa Claus.” “You can’t be Santa.” “Why not?” “You don’t look anything like him.” “Have you ever met me before?” “Uh, no.  But I’ve seen people pretending to be Santa.” “Those … Continue reading

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This Santa will do anything to protect the toys..even if the toys are battle axes and weapons…the guy can fight…but that doesn’t make him a good Santa

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This Santa can definitely carry a bag full of toys but his reindeer is too weird to even think about him…

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Ho, ho, ho and Santa’s got a scooter, hog, bike…and a creepy fake reindeer…oh yeah…but no

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This Santa seems too blue to manage….even the reindeer are looking in on him, to see if he can get out by himself…so another NO.  

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You know this Santa is serious about his job…I kind of like his attitude but he’s still not the right one…

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