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I think this is what freedom looks like…of course I don’t know for sure, but this is what it would look like to me…

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Schools are doing this…everyday…making many, many, many, kids hate reading. That’s their JOB

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The raven’s lament…

    Picture from: Pinterest I posted this poem in  October of 2013   the raven sat upon his branch his beak was open wide I wish I’d met that Mr. Poe I’d have his crusty hide he made us … Continue reading

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I hope today is as much fun as the day you put on your first pair of skates…

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Agatha Rosethorn…

Picture from:  Pinterest You only had to look at Agatha Rosethorn to see that she was both intelligent and confident.  She was top Witch in her Spell Class and while she was outstanding when it came to making potions, spells … Continue reading

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Picture from:  Pinterest Books are where the magick lives.  It’s tucked between the pages, formed into letters, then words, sometimes it comes out in pictures, but it’s alive and always waiting for us to find it.

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Picture is from :Pinterest Sonny and Dinah lived on a beautiful farm.  They were madly in love and spent all of their time together.  They ate clover, climbed over rocks and frolicked in the meadow.  They were well fed, well … Continue reading

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