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Do you hear singing?

It was after the Witching Hour, about one-thirty this morning, and I was sitting on the patio with Emily, feeding, petting and dancing with her.  She was twining between my feet and head bumping me, marking me, so that every … Continue reading

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So beautiful…they are always willing to talk, if we are but willing to listen.

Picture from:  Pinterest

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The world is a wild and “natural” place…

Collage by:  Gigi We are unnatural in that we constantly go against nature.  We fight what is natural and falsely believe that we have the right to destroy everything around us.  We behave as if we are bigger than Mother … Continue reading

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Duck, duck, goose…

Picture from:  Pinterest   Love is all around us…if we would just open our eyes.

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Crow with peanut…

The crows love peanuts.  They drop them in the birdbath and let the shells get soft so they are easier to break apart.  Sometimes the birdbath is thick with shells:)  They do the same thing with the cat food.  They … Continue reading

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Butterfly that looks a lot like a leaf…

Debbie took this picture while in Boulder, Colorado.  She thought it was a leaf, until she looked more closely.

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Turtle at Big Bear

So cute…sunning herself and having a nice day.

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