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This is from blogger merrildsmith…about Man Ray’s real name. Thank you.

merrildsmith merrildsmith.wordpress.comx I wondered, too, but then I wondered what the name was before Ray. So, I looked it up.¬†ūüôā¬†According to MoMa, he was born Emmanuel Radnitzky.

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Holly and I were wondering how Man Ray ended up with that name…here’s the answer…

Man Ray’s¬†family changed¬†their surname¬†to¬†Ray¬†in 1912.¬†Ray was nicknamed Manny but changed¬†his name¬†to¬†Man, and slowly started to use¬†Man Ray.¬†Ray’s¬†father worked in a garment factory. He also owned a small tailoring shop outside¬†his¬†home, enlisting all¬†his¬†children from a tender age.

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Not sure what’s going on…but…

I see that I’m not following a lot of you any longer.¬† I guess when my internet was cut, I lost some of you.¬† I’m trying to figure things out and have re-followed some of you, once I caught it, … Continue reading

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YAY!!!!! I have internet

So…I’m having a new fence put up…it would be up, but it’s raining.¬† So tomorrow it will be up and running.¬† Anyway, they cut my cable.¬† It wasn’t marked.¬† My granddaughter gasped and said, “OMG what will you do???”¬† I … Continue reading

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If I suddenly disappear…it’s because my computer isn’t working right.¬† So, just letting you know.

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Comcast…a good experience

There was a technical issue with Comcast, so I just got back on line.¬† They called to tell me it was fixed but I was not connected.¬† They sent something (a signal) to my computer and I waited, on the … Continue reading

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Maybe this is what they mean when people say, “I have to get all my ducks in a row.”

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