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Halloween’s coming…woof…a poem

brown and white short coated dog in white textile

I like dogs
who get into
the swing of things
who love to celebrate
who aren’t afraid to
throw on a
and go for it
dogs who
look you straight
in the eyes
and say
I’m comfortable
with who I am
I’m absolutely


Photo:  Sarah Boudreau


it’s never too early
to practice for
ask this guy
he seems to know
all about that
time of year
when ghosts
and goblins
come out to play
to run through
your neighborhood
and look for lost
children or those
who have wandered
away from the pack
he’s ready
balloon in hand
costume in place
counting down the
for October 31st
to arrive


Photo:  Tandem X Visuals


Saw this on my walk yesterday…it’s so cute.

Another picture from the Halloween Party…

Acrobats, Skip and Margo, received a standing ovation for their amazing feats of daring.  Alice, standing in the background, was their spotter.

Some of the pictures from the Halloween party are coming in…

Roxy and her friend Piglet Marie, did a Roller Derby Routine, while Mia walked the tightrope with Bernard.  Ida, the parrot, sang and encouraged everyone with his extremely large vocabulary.

They were part of the entertainment.  Everyone loved their routine and there were many peeps and chirps.

A Halloween Blizzard…A little while ago the winds were gusting at 19 mph and it was almost a whiteout. Visibility was extremely poor and sleet and snow were falling sideways. Hahahah Gotta love this place for making horrific weather whenever it feels like it. The leaves are still on the trees, the flowers are in the picture below. Yes, those were flowers up until today.

Halloween is not much fun
with snow
upon the ground
freezing temps
and icy streets
take all the joy
from chocolate treats
but costumes
squished beneath
warm coats
and voices raised
with glee
seems less like
and black cats
and more like


Today is…

Halloween, Weird, Surreal, Atmosphere

Halloween morning at The Coop…

Well, the chicklets are up and on their way to a fabulous day.  They had some of Holly’s cornbread for breakfast, so they’re full and happy.  Beth is reading to the baby chicklets, after which, she’s going to the hospital to read to those how are healing.  Resa is dressing the chicklets who still need costumes, or just want to look fabulous.

Piglet Marie hasn’t put her costume on yet, but chicklet Diana is dressed as a Librarian.  The puppy next to her, is wearing bracelets, that the Jewlery Committee made just for him. Peter is dressed as a rabbit, since he thinks it’s fitting, since his name is Peter.  Bella is going as a dark Princess, since she saw Buffy and read a couple of vampire books.  Whitie, the cat is a Queen, wearing a tinfoil crown and Albert is a pumpkin.  Duckie is  a duck and has yet to get dressed.  I’m not sure which rhino is in the background.  And Bernard, the spider, was asked to please get into the photo.   Our favorite flyer is doing his thing, speeding round The Party Barn.  He’s going as Amelia Earheart.

They are on their way to the morning Poetry Slam.

Drac…a Halloween poem

Dracula, Nosferatu, Monster, Claws

quite the
he’ll take his blood
most any way
he loves his A
his B and O
he likes to drink it
then slow
he’ll drink it
from a crystal glass
or from a young
and pretty lass
he never ever
takes a pass
he really likes
the stuff
he’ll drink it warm
or even cold
and negative
if truth be told
makes him crabby
makes him mad
makes him even
bored and sad
so positive is
what he seeks
step right up
and don’t be meek
take a number
make a line
and Drac will make you
feel just fine

Witch, a poem…

Fantasy, Dark, Gothic, Dream, Smoke

a Witch I was born
like my mother
before me
and a Witch
I shall remain
until my final
for all knowledge
and everything
is tied
to that

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