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Paris Neighborhood Cookbook…

This book covers all the ethnic groups who live in Paris.  Some interesting things in these pages.  If you like to cook, you might want to check it out.  Being vegetarian, there are a lot of recipes I won’t look through but the book itself is very nice.


Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France

Fantastic cheese shop in Paris

Paris, France

This place was amazing.  If you wanted to take cheese home with you they would simply shrink wrap it so that you can get it through customs.   Sorry about the reflection on the glass but I couldn’t seem to avoid it.  The people in the shop wore crisp white jackets and were extremely professional.  Realllly sharp knives were here and there in case you requested a sample.  The cheese I had was delicious.   Cheese, a crusty loaf of French bread and everything in the world seemed to fall nicely into place.  LOL  Yum.  Everything was so incredibly fresh and delicious.


Paris, France

Delicious, incredible and YUM!

IMG_2208Cafe food in Paris, France


The Arc de Triomphe

Paris, France

It is located at the end of the Champs-Elyséds.

Sign in Paris, France

Public stall on a side street outside Notre Dame Cathedral.  It’s amazing how adding the letters “tes” to the end of the word toilet, can change the word into something so much better.

Red awnings in Paris

Paris, France

Sculpture…in Rodin’s Garden

Paris, France

Monet’s Garden…in Giverny, France

Amazing and beautiful place.

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