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Okay, so…

I’m all for love, if you define it so that it doesn’t hurt anyone…like…I love you and I’m beating you to death for your own good, kind of twisted things that some people call love. Okay, now that that’s out … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

As you may have noticed, my blog has lately been about the evils that the right-wing, greedy, terrified little boy/men, are heaping on females of all ages. So, here’s the thing.  I wrote about passion before.  Well, when you are … Continue reading

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The conversation…

“Mom?” “Yes, Love?” “What are the humans doing now?” “They’re trying to Handmaid the women in America, Darling  They want to imprison and kill them.” “Why?” “Because they think they can, and sometimes that’s enough for terrified and greedy right-wing … Continue reading

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From Candy…

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Quote: Betty White (Candy sent this to me)

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Think about it…

Think incest victim, a girl raped and impregnated by her own father.  She has an illegal abortion and lives.  She’s caught by the government and sent to prison for life. NOTHING HAPPENS TO THE FATHER. THAT’S WHAT THE UGLY WHITE, … Continue reading

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From the March on Washington LAST TIME THEY WANTED TO KILL US! This is a dead woman after having a back alley abortion…left alone to die and what happened to the guy who got her pregnant? Nothing at all. If you don’t think powerful men don’t want to kill us you aren’t paying attention.

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