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Art is always political…it can change everything…artists are the voice that needs to be heard


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Ah, so true for so many…Please ignore the fact that we are writing stories in our minds, or drawing pictures in our heads, while you are talking to us…that’s just how it works…the real world almost always comes in second

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Art is so much more important than many people know…It’s the voice that topples governments, it’s the voice that speaks the truth, it’s the voice that speaks for people and ideas, it’s the voice that points out what is wrong and what is right. Artists are held down, kept back, underpaid, forced to struggle because governments and those in power fear them and imprison them and label them and kill them. That’s how powerful art is. Never underestimate the power of art. Buy it, support it and know that the creative spirit is the window to freedom.

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Artist Gustav Klimit and his cat…

Picture from: Pinterest From: Flavorwire I love this picture because Klimit was a great artist and because his cat is fabulous. I  think the way he is gently holding his cat is beautiful and shows how much he cares for … Continue reading

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