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Last Chickmas’s opening poem…the chicklets wanted me to post it again…

Lucy is practicing for the Chickmas Poetry Reading and Cinnamon is humming the appropriate tune in the background, so you get the full effect of Lucy’s words. Cinnamon was going to play her saxophone but even with the sound system, … Continue reading

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The boat…a very short story…

The boat pulled on the rope that was holding it in place.  It didn’t like the rope.  The rope stopped it from moving forward.  The rope stopped it from being free.  All that beauty lay before it, but it was … Continue reading

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Today is: National Gingerbread House Day

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You know I love Chicago’s skyscrapers but did you know…

did you know that Chicago built the very first one?  AND a lot of the skyscrapers that have been built all over the world were built by Chicago architects, including the one in Dubi, which was built by 65-year old … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

Here’s the thing.  If you never had the best, you may think that what you have IS how things are supposed to be.  If you’ve never been healthy, you may not even realize it. You may think you’re fine, because … Continue reading

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I’ve noticed that the most beautiful pictures are of nature…there’s a stillness about them…a peaceful way of being, that humans do not have.

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It’s well known that writing helps people.  Dr. David Thoele, a   pediatric cardiologist, at Lutheran General Hospital, in Park Ridge, Illinois, is using writing to help not only the parents of sick children, but the staff, and everyone else as … Continue reading

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