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So, I’ve been thinking.  Nature doesn’t need anything to exist.  It doesn’t need libraries, books, plates, cups, cars, boats, shoes, clothing, or  ANYTHING AT ALL.  If it stops raining, it just turns into something else.  We do too, if we … Continue reading

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Think about it…

We can only imagine what it was like when these buildings were built.  The kind of lives people lived, how the temples/building were used.  Everything we know is based on what people who had nothing at all to do with … Continue reading

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Today is: National Grandma Day…Helen Mirrin rocks…big time

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Are You My Mother? – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

when the kitten asked are you my mother The gorilla said I will always care for you I will always protect you I will always hug you I will do everything I can for you I will even die for … Continue reading

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Bizarre photography — Moda-Creative thinking

via Bizarre photography — Moda-Creative thinking

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Okay, so…

Do you think the statues in graveyards and on buildings have some kind of awareness?  Do they know what they are.  Do they know how beautiful they look?  Do they know that they are expected to guard those who have … Continue reading

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My wee one…who is actually no long wee…

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