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This is like a twisted rebus of sorts. Emmie likes to have lunch around three. I walked by the stove and saw…

I looked out the window and saw her rolling around, enjoying herself, but I had hot tea and, as you know, I have bronchitis, so I was torn between drinking tea and going outside to feed her.  I sat down … Continue reading

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It’s always better to get part of the stick, rather than none, at least when it comes to strawberry sherbet bars. I don’t know what happened. But this one was injured along the way. Still delicious. And if really, the stick is just to keep our fingers from getting sticky, so no biggie, right?

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Humans are breakable. These are the fabulous screws in my college student grandson’s collarbone. He fell off his longboard. The surgeon was a true artist and all is well. Yay!

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From Brave and Reckless…

He contained a rough earthy magic that made dogs follow him through town as if he carried T-bone steaks in his pocket made the trees stand up a little straighter showing off their finery when he walked by caused the … Continue reading

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Kids, Life, Parents…and a little luck…

“Things are better at Sandra’s house.  Her mom’s lawyer talked to her father’s lawyer and he can’t take the dog.  Sandra is back in her bedroom.” “That’s great news.” “Why is life so hard?” “Lots of reasons.  Everyone wants something … Continue reading

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Getting older…looks okay, vintage and colorful, but it might not get you where you want to go.


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Another lovely book by Henene Hanff…

The above book is filled with description of the passing seasons in New York.  Funny, detailed and intimate, they are wonderful to read.  Hanff wrote and read them, on the radio for five years. Her last book arrived yesterday.  It … Continue reading

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