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Mags is 17 and she likes to snuggle in her nest and nap.  She’s a teeny poodle.

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mountain goats are graceful agile and fearless they dance and prance and leap and jump like practiced ballerinas they don’t think about their amazing ability it’s just who they are nature’s natural mountain climbers

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Today is: National GREENPEACE Day

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Peaches has always been a daredevil.  She’s going to be a superhero for Halloween and has been practicing her flying routine for the big party.  The Stage Crew set up the same rigging they used for Chickmas, so they know … Continue reading

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The Ocean…

The ocean is power…full of energy and turbulence.  It calls to us.  But when we answer it’s call, we are putting our lives on the line.  The water takes what it wants.  It doesn’t see us as anything more than … Continue reading

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I just answered everyone’s comments, some of them quite late.  I’m so sorry.  I missed some of them.  But things should be okay now.  🙂  Thank you for writing.  Love hearing from you.

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How they met…

There was a knock on the door.  She sighed and closed her eyes.  Then she shut her book and uncurled herself from her comfy chair.  She mumbled curses as she moved across the room, it was her day off, after … Continue reading

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