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I love geodes and rocks, crystals and stones. These are in my kitchen. Three pictures.

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A Strange Meeting…Fourteen

“If it was a mattress store I could understand it, but a coffee shop?  Don’t they have any respect for the beans at all?” “People overlook the obvious,” said Merlin. “I guess, but where’s the dragon?” “Did you expect one … Continue reading

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The Pearly Gates…

God was standing outside the gates, behind and to the left of the angel statue.  He was holding a golden clipboard and calling off names.  When someone said, “Here,” or raised a hand, he put a check mark next to … Continue reading

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Winter…a poem

winter winter go away don’t come back another day we want sun and flowers too no one wants much more of you sandy beaches bright blue skies chirping birds and happy sighs so take your snow your sleet and rain … Continue reading

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Don’t you wonder why we spend our entire lives living by laws written by OTHERS?  Laws in which we have no input.  Laws that harm us.  Laws that rich, powerful white males wrote but DO NOT follow.   How is it … Continue reading

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This is soooooo good…TED Talk Excellent speaker

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This was a soul-sucking week if there’s ever been one. I can’t believe this nightmare anymore. In addition to my photos from December in Miami, there is this generation’s answer to the “Segregation Diner” Pic at the bottom of Amy’s … Continue reading

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