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The first picture is what the pier looked like before the tornado went through one of the suburbs, last night, and the second picture is how it looked this morning, after the storm dumped more rain than anyone could have imagined, in a matter of minutes. My daughter took both of them.

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If you are a human being…this is an important TED Talk. She’s an outstanding speaker.

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sometimes I am so filled with stories that I have to close my eyes and count to ten before I can open them and get back to my current reality

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This is an amazing photo from: Astronomy Picture of the Day

Valles Marineris: The Grand Canyon of Mars

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pink roses — Paul Militaru

via pink roses — Paul Militaru

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My daughter was sitting in her yard and this bunny hopped by her chair. Very exciting. :) She’s so beautiful.

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Paul Gauguin…A Story poem

yes I left my wife and five children but I kept in touch at least for awhile and yes I once stayed with Vincent for a couple of weeks he wanted to start an artists’ colony but I left when … Continue reading

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