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Trump turns on Vets

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Trump Just Took Away A Lifeline For Struggling Veterans ByMarisa Manfredo Millions of Americans are still reeling from the shock and horror of discovering one of Donald Trump’s first actions as President was to scrub the…

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America belongs to ALL OF US and the government needs to LEARN THAT LESSON…

Quick collage Here’s the thing.  I’ve lived in Chicago my entire life.  MY Chicago is very different from the Chicago of some OTHERS, simply because I’m WHITE and was raised on the Northwest side.  I was raised to NOT see … Continue reading

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Very important and excellent TED Talk…the ending is spot on and we all need to DO SOMETHING about this stealing of time

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From: Tokidoki… PLEASE read her post to find out what’s going on with not my president. Eat a little something first, so you won’t feel so sick to your stomach.

Week 14 of Donald Trump’s presidency: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember.published February 18, 2017 After a slight reprieve last week, this week was again chaos, and the … Continue reading

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Melotte 15 in the Heart…beautiful…from Astronomy Picture of the Day

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Boycott not my president and his holdings…

Pixabay Johnhain

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It’s all about control over what we see and hear…


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