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Everyone is on there way to a group committee meeting for the set up of the Valentine’s Day Party…there’s still a lot to be done.

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Puppy love…

Photo:  Daniel Lincoln Unsplash

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Dead…a short story

She knew she was dead.  She’d watched herself bleed out, laying on the street, face down in the rain.  She always loved the way the rain made the streets look.  It reminded her of Paris. So, dead.  Now what?  She … Continue reading

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Today is: National Peanut Butter Day…

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The Bear Store…a story about true friendship.

Every evening, after the shop was closed for the night, she looked at the bears through the window.  She named each of them, and treated them like the friends that they were.  She missed the bears who were purchased, but … Continue reading

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Estas Tonne & Sergei Polunin ♬ — K’ CLIPs

Estas Tonne & Sergei Polunin || Live in Wilshire Ebell Theatre, Los Angeles (2018) Estas Tonne & Sergei Polunin ♬ — K’ CLIPs

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The Singer…a poem

he stood on the stage in the smokey room the words playing tag in his mind the audience was still waiting eyes closed he started to sing and the whole world fell into place and was alight with passion   … Continue reading

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My daughter brought TULIPS and yellow carnations over, to bring sun into the house. :) I LOVE THEM.

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Spring is coming…tulips, peace, and rainbows, in my kitchen.

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Sandi and the bookstore 2

Tom looked at Carlie, her back rigid, anger rolling off of her, as she looked out the door. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Nothing,” she hissed.  “Do you have Sandi’s address?” “Why would I have her address?” Carlie dug her claws … Continue reading

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