Art and the philosophy of life

grayscale photo of people walking on street

Photo:  Jack Skinner

Comments on: "Protest…I don’t think a lot of people understand how important THIS is." (6)

  1. absolutely

  2. Israel has discovered the importance big time right now.

    • So many awful things are happening all over the world. It’s just crazy. How is the gown coming along? How’s sweet Johnny doing? Love from Em…and me too.

      • Johnny is a bonafide lap cat now. Still hisses at me in the day. Lol!
        I’m finally on the tail!! The top and skirt are done!
        Love back to you 2!

  3. I hope they take lots of photographs of her and put them in magazines so more people get to see your work. It’s so wonderful that this is happening. Emmie still not a lap cat but i have hope.

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