Art and the philosophy of life


silhouette of person jumping in mid-air during daytime

but as long as they are
under under the fists of
we will never know
what they are capable
of doing
what a loss
for the species
for the animals
for the world itself
to those men in power
is preferable
to setting women


Photo”  Mohamed Nohassi

Comments on: "Women…" (13)

  1. We just have to keep pushing and putting our stuff out there.

  2. Of course…easier said than done.
    Also, we are some of the more fortunate women on the planet.

  3. And sometimes, we live under the control of patriarchal societies, that even as the world shifts, we are still, ruled by it, and it takes us, forever, to, snap out of it, and sometimes, we don’t, even, stop, seeing our own means, via, the perspectives of, males.

    • How can we? We never knew anything else. The male gaze, the male everything. It’s disgusting, like fighting your way out of something you can’t see.

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