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Photo:  Senoka

Comments on: "Time spent browsing bookstores is never wasted…" (14)

  1. From a retired librarian, this post is very simpatico.

    • Oh, how wonderful…you got to live with books. I used to be part owner in a Women’s bookstore and the best thing was when the UPS guy brought in big boxes of new books. It was like a party, opening the box and touching each book. 🙂 I loved selling books to people I knew would love them. But independents can’t compete with the big stores. They get huge discounts, we didn’t. I painted on the ceiling and painted mice on the walls behind the books, so people would be surprised when they removed them. LOL Unfortunately, it wasn’t all fun and games, politics always plays a part. Then there were people who hated that is was a Woman’s bookstore and put bibles by our door. Some opened the door and screamed at us. Ridiculous. People are so afraid of women having anything at all. I’m sure you could tell some interesting stories from working with books and the people who read them.

      • I LOVE the idea of you painting mice behind the books. I worked in the cataloging part so we got to touch each book, look through it to catalog it, of course. You had to really analyze the book. I had art books galore, old medical books, all sorts of stuff! Yes, there were good parts to the job. The bad part of the job… small- minded people sometimes. Sorry you got targeted. Amazing in this day and age and all. Had no idea how backward we are.

      • Sounds like the perfect job and you had access to SO MANY books. “Art books galore,” wow. I bet you miss parts of the job.

  2. Love to do this

  3. Well, I had my fill. That job was great for me but since I left work, I got to paint, take photos and write. That’s the life!!

  4. Reblogged this on Humoring the Goddess and commented:
    Everyone should find a few hours to wander through the aisles of magic!

  5. Few things are more peaceful and ex opting at the same time than browsing bookstores, or the library 📚

  6. Couldn’t agree more, except to thank the poets like you, who make everything so much more beautiful.

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