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Pumpkin…a book review.

This is such a cute book.  Kids will love it, as will adults who love animals.  Pumpkin fell out the nest during a wind storm and had a broken leg.  The story continues and she ends up living her very best life with her two sister rescue dogs, who had been horribly abused.

This is a joyful and playful book, with Pumpkin and her sisters, snuggling and playing.  She does’t climb because she thinks she’s a dog so stays on the ground with them.  LOL

The photographs are full page and adorable.  It’s very sweet.

Beth, I think you would love this for the kids.  The love just comes right off the page and teaches that we are all pretty much the same, except that Pumpkin washes her food.

You can see the inside photographs on Amazon.  Not a lot of writing, just a lot of fun and cuteness.

Comments on: "Pumpkin…a book review." (7)

  1. I knew right away that I would love this, and was reassured when I read that you think so too ). So cute!

  2. Sounds adorable! I’m reading some children’s books at the moment.
    Time to go read and draw! xoxo

  3. Oh, have fun. Sounds wonderful.

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