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Okay, so a couple of nights ago, a woman in my neighborhood was walking her dog.  She got home, opened her front door and realized a man was right behind her.  Fortunately, she got inside, slammed the door, and called the police.  He was right behind her, opening the storm door, and we know that because she has a doorbell with a camera, so everything was recorded, including his face and body.  He was seen opening her door and then walking away.

The police said that he’s a registered sex offender.  Here’s the thing.  If he’s a REGISTERED sex offender, why is he walking around free?  He already did something horrible to some innocent person, but he’s not locked up so he can’t do it again.

Because women don’t count, he is able to threaten all of us by being free.  This is a truly hateful act of aggression against women everywhere.

I walk every single day.  By myself.  No woman is ever safe, but now we know this guy was right here and they have not caught him yet.

I hate that women have to live this way.  I hate that men can make women live this way and we can’t seem to do anything about it.

Just hate it.

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  1. No, definitely not.

    • It’s insane that they let known predators walk around freely. They destroy lives and should be locked up. Until men are made to be responsible for what they do, women will live in a war zone, never safe, never able to be anything but prisoners. I am so angry.

  2. Be safe and alert when you’re taking your walks. Maybe you should get a can of mace for your protection.

    • I had some but it’s dried up. I’m going to walk on my treadmill for a few days. I hate that, but seems like the thing to do. Thank you.

      • I was just concerned about your safety, and hopefully soon you will get back to walking outside again.

      • Thank you. Me too. I’m going to walk in the morning. I usually talk to my friend while I’m walking, not that she could help me if I needed help, but at least it’s something. I might just do the treadmill but that hurts my knee. I walk in the street, because its softer than the sidewalk. I have a tear in my knee from step aerobics, so I have to take care of it. I’m swimming in books. It’s wonderful.

      • I’m happy to hear that you’re back to walking outside again.
        Do you buy hard cover or paperback books or both? I only buy paperback books, as I find that the hard covers take up more space, and can be cumbersome at times.

      • Both. Since the shop is closing on Christmas Eve, I got whatever I liked. The company sold all their stores, so at Christmas, everyone is out of work. Not nice, but apparently the sale had been going on for awhile. I did get about 50 books. They don’t sell best sellers. Got some poetry, a few biographies, quite a few on feminism, two novels (about magic and witchcraft, one is in Chicago…never heard of the authors, but thought I’d try them) and a few on animals (three for my cousin who helped me with Emily…I’ve been sending her gifts now and then), and a children’s book for a xmas gift about a wee mouse, that’s adorable. Some misc., ones too. There are a couple I don’t like. One on modern women’s art and one other one. I didn’t look at those closely enough. Really happy with them and it was fun.

  3. Because, all of these, sex offenders, if and when they get caught, they are, mandated to get into a therapy program that “reforms” (yeah, uh, right…) them, and, after they fulfilled the requirements of the program, they get, released, back into the world, with, absolutely, no efficacy of the results of the so-called “reform”, apparent, and, they are going to, keep on, targeting us, women, and the law still does SQUAT! And, this world is, that much, less safe for us, unless, we all, start carrying a physical, weapon, and, that creates, a whole, other, problem…

    • Women are hated, as a whole, seen as prey, less than human, or deserving of the right to live safely or freely. We are targets, called names, blamed for what men do to us. Women have no voice, the few rights ALLOWED can be taken away any time men want to take them away (Roe vs Wade). Women who kill violent men, after years of violent abuse, can get life in prison for killing their attacker in self defense. Men have been released and attack the first women they see AGAIN. It’s an unjust unequal and unfair world women live in and in one of our suburbs, a man just killed his wife and their children…the Order of Protection did nothing at all, as usual.

  4. Scary stuff. Strange the dog never sensed he was there. A deep growl or a bark would have given warning and maybe scared him off.

  5. It is so scary.
    Around 15 years ago some nut attacked my feet. It was winter, and I was wearing a cute pair of high heel pony boots. At first he stopped me and said you have some gum or something on one of your heels.
    He bent down and started caressing the heel. There was no gum.
    I was only a couple houses away from home. I jogged. He jogged. I ran past my place, then did a u turn and ran to my door. He caught up, and grabbed my ankles. I leaned on the bell. N opened the door. The guy was laying with his coat open, on the icy cement, while he held onto my ankles. He was naked under his coat. All he was wearing was a long coat and boots.

    I called police. They had me come down to the police station the next day to look at mug shots. The shots were known convicted sex offenders who lived in my area of the city.
    Gi, I was there for a couple of hours looking at all these men’s faces. I had to leave. It was too much finding out HOW MANY SEX OFFENDERS were living in just my area of the city.

    • OMG Resa. That is horrifying. Thank the Goddess N was home and you were able to get away from the creep. We should NEVER have to go through things like that. I’m sorry you did. Insane. Unreal. Good thing N didn’t put him in the hospital. You guys are nicer than we are.

      • When N opened the door, the sex offender was surprised and he lost his grip. I ran inside. He got up and ran away. N did not register what was happening, at first moment. He thought it was a friend of ours playing a joke.
        Like I said, the sheer number of sex offenders in my part of the city was SHOCKING!

  6. I’m sure no one would expect to see that. He’s lucky, he would have been the one in trouble, at least that’s the way it works here. I’m sure sex offenders are everywhere. There’s a lovely home on huge and beautiful grounds where rapist priests live, in one of suburbs. They should be in jail. I’m glad you were okay. N too. So scary.

  7. We are never safe, we never have been. We have to protect ourselves.

    • Absolutely. Unfortunately, girls are not taught how to protect themselves. That’s one thing that should change. But as long as men are in charge, we will never be safe. Couldn’t agree more.

  8. There are so many sick people, there is not the space nor enough tax payer dollars (without putting us all into poverty and serfdom) to house all of them to the end of their days. It unfortunately is not possible, and I doubt all would agree to just execute them all instead. Add to that, there is a small amount, in comparison to the charged, who are wrongfully accused. It may be that the only solutions are: 1, try to apply the buddy system (safety in #’s).
    2, it isn’t always going to work, but learning a martial art (atleast some self-defense moves, & etching them into muscle memory) can’t hurt. And finally, carrying a form of weapon, and educating oneself on handling & safety can (and has many times) save lives of the bearers and those around them. Many do not like guns, but it may be “a necessary evil” for one to be proactive, yet reactive to prevent themselves from a torturous experience and possibly death. Learning hand-to-hand combat, knife skills, and how to use co2 spray are other options. We can’t count on someone else protecting us. We have no choice but to be self-reliant. Afterall, police are often an after-the-fact responders, they cannot always be preventers. Many men would fight to the death to protect us from such awfulness, but we don’t always have those good, strong ones by our sides. I am so, so glad she did not become a victim. He is a terrible person. I don’t think sex-offenders of adults or children can ever be fixed, and how there are so many with the evil is mind-boggling!

  9. Dammit. This angers me to no end. Women should not have to worry – these sex offenders that are allowed to roam free? Every kind of wrong.

  10. They speak out, stop men from attacking us? Who are they? Where are they?

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