Art and the philosophy of life

Beauty…a poem

Christmas tree covered with snow

is in the eye
of the beholder
we know this to be
the above photo
is beautiful
to me
leaning toward
other worldly
as if one
could simply
walk into another
without even
realizing it


Photo:  redcharlie

Comments on: "Beauty…a poem" (30)

  1. It is beautiful to me, too… as is your lovely poem

  2. Beautiful. Thank you Gigi. Yes, don’t we all wish we could just walk away into another dimension?
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. Sounds wonderful. And yes, we are all together, so should be fun. Fingers crossed that no one gets sick. My grandson is in Mexico with 14 friends. He’s coming home the 20th. Wish us luck.

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