Art and the philosophy of life

Doors…a poem

Winter, Season, Wilderness, Outdoors

walking in silence
in a world of
white and shadow
opens doors in your mind
which cannot be opened
any other way


Photo:  Pixabay

Comments on: "Doors…a poem" (8)

  1. I know many hate snow and winter but, since I live where I do and it’s inevitable that it falls, I would rather snow than rain. I am ready to walk in the snow and liberate my mind. I need it badly.

    • I’d rather have rain. It doesn’t pile up and I don’t have to pay to have the snow plowed, it doesn’t turn black and make driving and parking a nightmare. Other than that, it’s not bad. LOL

  2. It’s supposed to start tonight, and go all day tomorrow, but hopefully, it will miss us. Fingers crossed. The only way to know what’s going on with our weather is to look out the window.

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