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This 2012 file photo shows a silhouette of a crucifix and a stained glass window inside a Catholic church in New Orleans. Photograph: Gerald Herbert/AP VM Wheeler, 64, admits indecent behavior with juvenile in latest twist to Catholic church’s molestation scandal Ramon Antonio Vargas in New Orleans | 6 Dec. 2022 The clerical molestation scandal that for […]

Suspended New Orleans deacon pleads guilty to molesting preteen boy — Stigmatis

Comments on: "Suspended New Orleans deacon pleads guilty to molesting preteen boy — Stigmatis" (6)

  1. The victim has a life sentence. Too many of these perverts never get caught because the church still protects them.

    • A lot of them live in a suburb of Chicago on a huge lovely area. They should be locked up for life and the kids who killed themselves, should be considered murder victims and the rapist priests should be held accountable, along with those who protected the rapists. And still, people bring their children to church.

  2. The disgusting bs continues!

    • I don’t think it will ever stop. They will keep hiding the rapists until they can’t lie any longer and then they will hide the ones they can still get away with hiding.

      • Only 1 ever went to prison, that I know of. When I worked on that movie about pedophile priests, at that point only 1 ever went to jail.

  3. One priest was murdered in prison, by a man who had been sexually abused by a priest when he was a boy. So sometimes things do work out. The guy was serving a life sentence, so he had nothing to lose and the priests had ruined his life. How anyone can believe in religion or bring their children to known rapists, pay for their legal fees and give them donations, just strains the imagination.

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