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A Short Christmas story…

“Are you from around here?” he asked, as they stood in line at the overly Christmased coffee shop?”

“Don’t I look like I’m from around here?” she snapped, pulling an earbud out of her ear.  “What’s your problem?  Looking for a small town girl in the big city, one you can show around and watch her eyes get big, while fall head over heals for you?  Only happens in sappy romance novels, so back off.”

“So you’re in publishing,” he laughed.

“Yes,” she sighed.  “You?”

He nodded.

“I’m so sick of those stupid stories.  You know what’s going to happen from the first sentence. I’ve come to hate small towns and wide eyed innocent females who run a bakery, bookstore, or find letters in their grandmother’s attic from a hundred years ago. All of them looking to change their live through men, or a move to somewhere else, especially a big city or Paris.  It’s like no one can write anything else any longer.  Now they sell Christmas trees and wreaths, while they help their father save the farm, or the resort, or hotel, or B and B.  Either that or they are decorating the main street that has one stoplight that hardly ever works.”

“I feel the same way,” he said.  “They’re all the same, with slight changes of place, names and reasons for running away.  And don’t forget the women who run from the big city to small towns where they make friends and finally realize that farms and a slower pace is all that’s been missing in their lives, other than the guy who pulls up to the general store in a beat up pickup truck getting hundred pound bags of feed, carrying ten at a time.”

“Why don’t men ever run away?” she asked.  “Why don’t they sit around having scones and weeping to their male friends about their broken hearts or the bookstore their grandmother left them in her will?  Men are never looking for anything, or running from anything.  Romance and women just seem to FIND them.”

“Men don’t know how to find anything,” he said, seriously.  “I mean the three wise men were a joke.  They got lost in the desert and were never found.  Car keys, directions…men spend their time trying to figure out where everything is.”

She stared at him.  “That’s true for some of them.”

“Plus they don’t think about what they want, or whether or not anything is missing in their lives, not until someone points it out.”

“I wish women were like that.”

“You’re kidding,” he said, horrified  “How would men ever managed without women?”

“You guys inherit money and estates, while women inherit businesses that are doomed, or in horrible condition, so they can worry, be short of money, and hire handsome, strong, beautiful men to make repairs, then fall in love with them.”

“Pathetic,” he said.  “I couldn’t agree more.”

She looked at him.  “Wait…is that what’s happening to us?”

“I doubt it.  We’re both from the city, both…uh, I don’t know…is it?”

“What’s your name?”

“Danny.  What’s yours?”


“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Not sure.”

“Should we discuss it over our coffee?”

“I guess, but let’s not turn this into one of those icky books.”


“Let’s sit over there, where it’s quiet.”



Comments on: "A Short Christmas story…" (20)

  1. Had to re-read this. Very good.
    (I too wonder why all one can read, hear, or watch is always the same story… We need new stories, don’t we?)
    Be good.

    • We do. And all those romance, lost, weepy, searching things are for women who don’t get what they need from the men in their lives. There are no books like that for men. Not one where they move with a broken heart, inherit a shop that’s falling apart, miss their supportive friends, blah, blah, blah. I can’t find a book to listen to while I do other things because they all look as if they are exactly the same pathetic women. Awful. And obviously they are popular or they wouldn’t keep writing and selling them, which is even more pathetic and sad.

      • It is becoming difficult to find good (new) books. Or maybe I’m just gettin’ old… LOL

      • It’s the books. They just come out one after another and they are all written like blue prints, formulas, that make them all the same. So many people write them nowadays, and it’s difficult to find good ones, or books that are different from the others. All the plots seem to be the same. Really have to be careful, and pick carefully. Age has nothing to do with it, believe me.

      • I agree with you. Yes. They have blueprints. It’s the only explanation… So right now I’m reading Wilkie Collins. 19th century. Good stuff… 😉

      • Have fun and enjoy your book. I’m reading about the artist Tamara de lempicka. It’a a novel. I love her work. Hope the book is good enough to finish.

      • Lempicka was a fab artist. And a full life. Should be a good book. best book I read recently was “West with the wind” by Beryl Markham. One the best books I ever read on Africa, by a remarkable woman. (And having been raised in Africa I’m picky about those books.

      • I’ll check it out. I just got, THE FLOWERING THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JUDY CHICAGO, delivered today. Weighs a ton. Love Judy Chicago, and will start reading it tonight. Books are so exciting and she was amazing, so looking forward to it. Enjoy your books, they make life more fun.

      • They do. I couldn’t live withourtbooks… 😉 (I don’t think you could either…)
        Judy Chicago? Don’t know her. Will look her up…)

      • She’s an artist/feminist. Famous for THE DINNER PARTY, place settings for a dinner party for women who made a difference. She’s done a lot of other things as well.

        I can’t imagine living without books. Too terrible to think about.

      • Yeah I looked her up. Interesting work.

      • Yes, and I’m learning a lot about her from this book.

  2. So true!! I tittered muchly reading this!!! I never got that kind of story, bored me to tears, not interested at all, what’s the point??? But there are soooo many aren’t there?? There are so many interesting writers out there, but they don’t get found, too many just want the same old pap and so many out to make money and so write to formula, I could never do that, hence being a poverty-stricken writer……

    • That’s SO true. I can’t understand it. I can only imagine that women are not getting what they want or need from the men in their lives, or something like that. Why else would they read the same thing over and over again and they are so predictable. I picked one up by mistake and couldn’t get past the first few pages, since I already knew the ending.

  3. So um… these two met while bitching about the Hallmark movies and though they are trying to resist it… well, we know the ending 😉

  4. Another great – How They Met!
    LOL… what if they met at the Met? Just being goofy!

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