Art and the philosophy of life

Okay, so…

Truck, Ford, Antique Car, Historical

an old
beat up
pick up truck
came toward me
its bumper was filthy
the truck was scratched
and worn
I immediately felt sorry for it
but as it got closer
I knew the truck was
it felt tough
never babied
it lived flat out
and loved every
minute of it’s life
it made me feel good
I want to look just like that
pick up
at the end
just like that worn out
very happy truck


Photo”  Pixabay

Comments on: "Okay, so…" (7)

  1. From a distance, we don’t see it clear, it is, only when we got, up close, we finally, notice something different.

  2. same! love it –

  3. Yes! Love this and I am with you… I want to have signs of having lived well.

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