Art and the philosophy of life

Allen…a short story…

Free Side View of Punk Man with Mohawk on Black Background Stock Photo

was dissatisfied
with his flesh
he felt that the human body
could be improved upon
it was plain
he said
so he set out to
redesign himself
through piercings
and various other things
is a work in progress
at least that’s what he tells
he doesn’t know
what the finished canvas
will be like
or how he’ll feel
about what he did
when he’s eighty years old
if he lives that long
but right now
he’s quiet happy
with the new him
and has no intention
of stopping his
creative endeavor



Photo:  Miguel Rodriguez León

Comments on: "Allen…a short story…" (8)

  1. His body that became, a canvas for his, self-expression…

  2. Note to self: steer clear of magnets!

  3. Cute guy! We all have the rights over our own bodies, in the USA!
    Oops! Let me rephrase that; we all used to have the rights over our own bodies!
    They took it away.

  4. They will indeed. Just got stuff from the state.

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