Art and the philosophy of life

black and white pigeon on gray concrete surface

Photo:  Miha Rekar

Comments on: "I love pigeons…they are residents of the city, like everyone else. They are polite street birds, asking for handouts. They are beautiful in every way and come in all kinds of colors. They are lovely and quite friendly." (20)

  1. highly social beings and an important part of any city

  2. I love them, too, and we have many in the Square where I live.

    • They add a lot to cities and towns. And yes they are messy but they’re beautiful and part of our lives. St. Mark’s Square, in Venice, is loaded with pigeons. They are a tourist attraction and so friendly. It was wonderful being around them. 🙂

  3. They also crap everywhere!

  4. Look at all our garbage. We have used the ocean as a waste basket. We have mounds of trash, plastic and everything else. WE are the slobs and make the real mess. Pigeons…not so much.

  5. As you know, I love pigeons!

  6. And they are sooooo smart! I remember watching a documentary on them. I was rather blown away.

  7. And we could fly away if a hurricane came along. No worries, just freedom.

  8. Awww. Yes, yes they are. My mom saved a pigeon, brought it home, and it became out pet. She was hilarious! She chose to dislike my mom and love my dad. She paced and griped when Mom entered the kitchen. Dad made a nest for her atop a wardrobe in his room. She flew down to him each morning, crawled under his hand, and made a strange purring sound of love. Each has a personality that we simply do not observe until we know the individual for a even a small amount of time.

    • That’s so true. I had a ring necked dove that came to eat every day. I’d call her and she would fly right to me. They are wonderful and I think your mom is great. My mom played with my mice and put up with escaped tadpoles, among other things. She baby sat my Iguana and guinea pig and was a good sport about everything. We always had a parakeet, when I was little. 🙂 Lucky to have good mom’s.

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