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when I walk into someone’s living space
and don’t see books
I wonder where they are
if you walk into my house
books are everywhere
but some people
don’t love them
and there’s not a single book
it makes me think
they might only live
in the real world
rather in stories
I don’t know how to do that
I’m either reading
or writing stories
what do they see
or think
how can they live
without them
I’ve lived in books
since I was a tiny child
I can’t imagine
not being surrounded by books
I can’t imagine
not escaping into them
playing somewhere else
that’s not here
how can anyone
not touch books everyday
not see plants around them
not bring the outside in
not walk beside a unicorn
or fight monsters
and WIN
travel to outer space
or follow Gandalf
or Dead Boy
I’m addicted to books
plants too
I guess
they make me happy
they always have
and cats
of course
cats always go well
with books
cats go well with
but books
call to me
they say hello
and somehow they know
that I love them



Photo:  Lum3n

Comments on: "Okay, so…bookshelves and plants" (4)

  1. Books are like friends!

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